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Blogs in the Classroom

From blackboards to overhead projectors, technology keeps improving and expanding throughout the years. Today, we see a wide variety of ways teachers and professors decide to run their lessons. Blogging has swept these new forms of teaching and skyrocketed in the past 7 years. Technology has evolved to such lengths, that any classroom has a computer for students to use. Blogging is the modern form of the blackboard grasping students attention in a form that they are use to due to their everyday interactions of social media & technology.

Updating Posts

While constantly correcting and changing the content of posts can make a blog seem disreputable and hard to cite concretely, the ability to update information in a post is something bloggers should take advantage of as a unique ability to have the most up-to-date and correct information.

Blogging and acceptance

Blogging has become one of the main sources of information for a lot of today’s society. However all of this information is presented from the perspective of the blogger along with their opinions. The large volume of information people receive facilitates credulity rather than cynicism.  By observing how much readers derive from blogs, one can see how our society has come to rely too much on outside opinions. People adopt the opinions of bloggers they read, rather than form their own.