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The Curator

From what I deduced from the Wikipedia article, a Curator is someone who preserves and maintains a collection of sorts. While it doesn’t always have to be something cultural or historical, usually the curator is in charge of keeping these things organized. I guess you could say a blogger is the same in that they can preserve a large mass of information through a blog. However, not all blogs do this, as I see blogs as more of a creative outlet than an archive. Speaking of archives, WordPress does keep an archive for you, but that doesn’t automatically make bloggers into curators. There is an aspect that I think is overlooked in this subject, and it has to be that bloggers are also creators. We don’t just take things that are already out there and turn them into something different or new. Bloggers create things of their own design; a curator strictly collects information. This is the defining argument that forces me to say that bloggers are not just another form of curators. Bloggers can go out and create new pieces of art that might be archived in their own blog, but it is still not something taken from history and stored in a way that a curator would. It also depends on the type of blog the person has. While I would normally think a curator as someone who might work at a museum, bloggers are extremely diverse in the types of blogs they maintain. The forms of media presented and topics discussed are just so different that saying a curator of bird skeletons is similar to a blog about how to barbecue is just too different for my mind to grasp. Maybe others will disagree, but I can only think of bloggers as curators in very specific situations.

Are you a Curator?

I believe to certain extent a lot of blogs can be considered “curators” simply because each blog has all different topics and that is what is considered a curator and also choosing the things that would like to share and how you would like to represent this specific topic. In other words, having a blog is very hard because you are given so much material and you have to select what you want to display in your blog to the readers. This is the same as a curator in a museum, there are tons of painting and displays that can be sowed at a museum but the curator has to decide which material to hang which things to show to the public.

The steps that a curator does and the steps that a blogger does are extremely the same. A blogger first would have to go around and choose the material he or she would like and also which material they would like post. After that they would have to rewrite the information and come up with their own ideas and analysis of the information that they are sharing online. All blogs are curators as long as it exist effort and dedication to the blogs when sharing items.

Close but not quite

In some ways curators are like bloggers. Most obviously both oversee content and the product. Bloggers consciously are managing their blog when they decide what the post should be about, when it should be presented, and how the actual visual representation should be to create a viewer- friendly environment. Similarly, a curator manages what pieces should be put on display, when they should be put in, and the presentation of the works. Also both bloggers and curators focus on maintaining their works. Bloggers must focus on all posts, old and new, in order to keep up with comments and to recognize strengths and weaknesses. Curators must also ensure that all pieces are up to date and that everything is as it needs to be during the time that the pieces are on display. Although there are quite a few similarities, there is one glaring difference in my opinion. This difference is that bloggers create original content while curators maintain, organize, and manage the work of others. For this reason, I believe that bloggers are more than just curators even though they both do many of the same tasks.

Who Decides? I Decide What You Post!

I do think a blogger can be in curator, but not in all bloggers can be one. I think that it depends on the type of blog that is going up. A curator in a museum is someone who takes pieces of art and decides how and when they should be displaced. A blogger can do the same thing; the only time I think this can apply is when it is a group blog or a collaborative blog. Having one person decide who is posting when and who is posting what is just like a curator in a museum does. A curator can really make a blog successful and help organize the posts rather than all of the bloggers posting up their topics. They help create something visual and content appealing kind of blog. They put all these posts together to create one “piece of art” or one “exhibit”. Each post should complement and work together in satisfying the readers. I do not agree that the author of brainpickings is a curator. The reason I think this is because I do not feel that she is bringing different posts and organizes them in a way to make one work of art. It seems like she is just commenting or analyzing the posts. She is the only author of the blog and there doesn’t seem to be any contributions from other authors. An example of a curator is Phillip Defranco with his sourcefed channel. He moderates the content and organizes things in a way where each individual vlogger works cooperate to create this channel. Each vlogger posts videos and Phillip has the final say in which vlogs get posted.

Its All About The Curator Baby.

So I’ve heard the word curator before but was never sure exactly what it meant. If you would have asked me 15 minutes before this post what a curator was I would have put some fancy words together and basically said it had something to do with a person in the medical field. But obviously I would have been completely wrong. But when comparing a blogger to a curator I find that they are one in the same because a curator is a “content specialist” and a blogger is someone who basically displays content that they feel is important for readers to view. So I guess now you can call me a curator rather than a blogger, I feel it sounds more official and has a ring to it (lol). But on a serious note bloggers and curators serve as the middle man to information and readers or spectators. A perfect example of a blogger or blog website that can be considered a curator is ME (lol). I filter information about entertainment news that surrounds hip hop and pop culture and distribute it to my readers. I like to consider myself a “content specialist” because I make sure that I give my readers the inside scoop of juicy gossip stories and I focus in on pop culture and I make it a point to only discuss these topics. Also, ” the curator’s primary function is as a subject specialist, with the expectation that he or she will conduct original research on objects and guide the organization in its collecting.” So to further explain, I consider my blog Urban Manner to be the collection and the juicy gossip I talk about as the original research. Thus, making me a bomb blogger who is putting the title curator before my name. So for now on call me Curator Miss Bombshell