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From Blog to Vlog

There aren’t too many options for me for my blog to evolve off the page. Since my blog is basically off of current events, I don’t think a book would work, or a magazine, and definitely not a movie (who wants to see a movie about the New Jersey Devils, anyway?!). Since I’m not sure if I plan on keeping my blog around after this class is over, I highly doubt I would do anything anyway. But if my blog ever adapted to being off the page, I think a vlog would be the most likely because it’s an easy, seamless transition from a blog. A good deal of sports blogs I visit have vlogs (whether it’s about the specific team it covers or the league/sport in general). Even ESPN has vlogs! The downside, though, is that I don’t really know how to edit videos, I don’t really have that much time to do vlogs, and I don’t know how exciting my vlogs would actually be. Oh, well.


3 blogs

I’m thinking of doing an Ice Hockey blog, so here are 3 blogs that are similar to mine.


The layout seems a little clunky, but isn’t too difficult to navigate through. The headlines are all on top of each other though, which is a little annoying. The writers are terrific, though, and are well informed on the team. They post articles daily updating people on everything from the rookies to veterans to generally anything about the team. It almost seems like the posts are from actual journalists (and at times, are actually better than from actual journalists) which is terrific for a fan to read. through.


While this blog is about baseball instead of hockey, it is probably the sort of direction I’m headed in, and is one of my favorite blogs to visit. The posts are very informative of what’s going on around the league and many times hit on topics that are not really covered by the rest of the media. The writers make jokes and snide remarks throughout their pieces, making them fun to read through. Aside from the same problem as with the previous blog (they are a part of the same site), there is not much to complain about with this blog.


With sports blogs, there isn’t really much difference between them (besides the sport, obviously) due to the fact that the news is going to be the same all around. This blog is one of the more well-known hockey blogs out there. This one seems a little more dry than the previous one I mentioned, but is still very informative nonetheless. There is that annoying background behind everything, and is quite…annoying…while reading.


In India this summer with me (far left), my brother (middle right), and my two cousins.

In India this summer with me (far left), my brother (middle right), and my two cousins.

No, I am not Hawaiian. I am, in fact, Indian (both my parents were born and raised in India). My name is Hirsh Gupta, and am a sophomore in the School of Arts and Sciences. Currently a pre-business major, I am still confused about which major I want to pursue, although I do have a vague idea, either economics or something in the business school. I am born and raised in New Jersey (I was actually born in New Brunswick!) and I currently live in Plainsboro, a fairly small town outside of Princeton. Central Jersey exists!

In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, play basketball, watch TV, and play video games. I am also a HUGE sports fan; the Yankees are my  favorite team and baseball is by far my favorite sport. In fact, it would probably be tough for you to find a bigger baseball fan than I am. I also like the Brooklyn Nets (NBA), NJ Devils (NHL), and the NY Jets (NFL). I mostly enjoy sports video games, but I also enjoy shooter games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto (it may not technically be a shooter game, but guns are heavily involved in the gameplay). I love watching sitcoms and other comedy related shows, and some of my favorites include Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Family Guy. My favorite comedian is Russell Peters. Up until this summer, comedy shows were pretty much the only shows I would watch, but I got hooked onto Breaking Bad (possible spoiler alert), Suits, and Dexter.

I pretty much listen to all types of music. If you were to look at the songs I listen to, they are all over the place. Seriously, one song would be by Eminem and the next could be by The Beatles or K’Naan (you guys should seriously check him out) or Red Hot Chili Peppers. I also used to play the trumpet for about seven years and the viola for one year before that (my brother allegedly brainwashed me into quitting the viola to play the trumpet). I played for my high school’s marching band for three years and the jazz band for four years (I am not a band geek, I swear!!) and enjoyed all the different experiences I had and friends I made along the way.

I hope to enjoy read all of your (hopefully) fun-filled blogs, and also hope that you guys will enjoy mine (whatever it may be about)!