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Let’s get to know me….well some of me


Me at age 6 showing displaying my heritage to the world

My name is Yadybel Ayala and I am a third year. I am kind of shy at first but I am a jokester at heart.  I am currently doing pre-med with a biology major (as hillary stated in her post). Just like her I am a commuter and sleep on my comfortable tempur-pedic bed. Life as a science major sucks!!!! No sleep at all but you learn to eventually live and love it, although it may take more time loving it because most people like their sleep.


Father, me and mother


Jaime: 8 years old (left), chris: few weeks (center) and me: 6 years old (right)


Jaime (left), me , chris (right)

I am a mix. My mother is from Dominican Republic and my father is from El Salvador. I grew up with VERY  hispanic parents where la chancla and la Correa were very threatening as children. If you do not know what I mean watch this video and you will understand.I grew up in a house hold where family is everything.  Besides my parents I live with my 13 year old brother, Chris,  who is six years younger than me.   Even though our age difference is quite large we are extremely close and I love him to death. He will forever be my baby brother  ( I say this as I squeeze his cheeks). I also have an older brother, Jaime,  who is two years older than I am but he does not live with me. We have the same father but different mothers. He is the person who got me into all things japanese and anime at the age of four.

Picture 604

chris (left) and me


My first painting…of course

I love watching anime and reading manga it’s kind of my thing. Growing up with it made me love it more over the years and the passion my brother had for it and it’s art was also passed onto me. My favorite anime’s have been Naruto, Bleach,Death note, Sailor moon oh and so many more. I also love to draw ; being busy at school has taken away time from drawing but I still love it! You can say I’m kind of on the nerdy side. Besides watching anime I loved to watch drama’s. I first got into them by watching Japanese dramas but  then I discovered the Korean channel and started watching those; Korean dramas are the best. Watch them all the time and Lee Min Ho is the best….just saying


He states the facts!!!

Another hobby of mine is watching lots and lots of tv shows. I currently have a very very long list but my top shows right now are Grey’s Anatomy (omg why do people die each season (still crying over sloan and lexi), Teen wolf (If Derek leaves I leave! I’m still mad they took Jackson), The walking dead (i really think this will happen to us and why are all the women in that show annoying), pretty little liars, New Girl, Game of thrones, Revenge and beauty and the beast. I also got into the new show Twisted. The end of the first season definitely hooked me to this new series. Love, hate, mysteries, secretes, murders and psychopaths? These are some great shows but my all time favorite has to go to Friends.  No character will make me laugh more than Chandler Bing!!!! Can you BEEE anymore obvious!! I guess I say this because I’m a 90’s kid and our television is so much better than television today. 90s had great sitcoms.

astrid_and_mi BACK IN THE DAY

Astrid (left) and me( making awkward face) in the 8th grade


the why am i friends with her look!!!

Besides school and hobbies my friends are a great part of my life. I am a goofy person so I love the fact that all my close friends embrace my comedic side. I have three close friends. My first has been my best friend since the the 6th grade and we have a beautiful relationship of 9 years, Astrid Mendoza. She is the friend I’ve had the longest and I am an absolute clown in front of her; I keep her around because she laughs at all my corny jokes and finds it entertaining when I attempt to do a british accent and it turns country. My next best friend is Jennifer Olivares. We have been friends since the 9th grade. We don’t live in the same town but we make sure to see each other often. She giggles more than I do and laughs at my jokes to (clearly I’m only friends with people who laugh at my jokes).  My third best friend is Hillary Escoboza. We met our freshman year in college and have been inseparable ever since. She is like me, a person who loves to laugh and make jokes especially in very uncomfortable and awkward situations. If you ever find me on campus you’ll most likely find her somewhere close (right beside me). Even though I  haven’t given her book back I know that she’ll still stick around. Those are my three closest friend but I also have another person very near and dear to my heart which is my Canadian cousin Laura Sparapani. We do not look related but we are. I thought I was clumsy until I met her. She can not go anywhere without stumbling or tripping or hurting or breaking something (it’s really funny and Astrid thinks so too). She is clumsy in the sense that if you were right next to her ad told her to catch a basketball she would most likely break her finger (true story). She is probably one of the funniest people on this planet.

Canadian cousin goofy as ever

Canadian cousin goofy as ever


Jennifer (left) and me


Hillary (left) and Me

This is a bit….well a lot about me. Hope you guys enjoyed! 🙂


(NOTE: Play the music video while reading. It makes it so much less boring. You might have to scroll down a bit to find it)

Me holding up some famous tower in Italy.

My name is Matthew Lew. People like calling me Matt Lew because it sounds like Mat – thew (they think it’s clever or something). I’m a freshman here at Rutgers, and I aim to graduate with a degree in Computer Science. I am of Chinese decent, but I consider myself whitewashed. Even though I know about as much Chinese as a horsefly, I still cherish my heritage, and I plan on joining one of Rutger’s many Chinese culture clubs. I was actually a board member of my high school’s Asian Club and helped plan events that raised money for charity. Hopefully, I can continue helping people at Rutgers too.

Looking at my hobbies, most people would probably categorize myself as a “nerd”. I love video games to death and I have a habit of quoting my favorite movies during conversations. My most overused quotes come from the likes of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanAmerican Psycho, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. If I use them in a conversation, I apologize in advance for whatever annoyances I might cause.

I might say something like this

 Some of my favorite video games include Halo: CE, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and Guild Wars 2. If any of these look familiar, contact me! I would love to play some time. Other things I enjoy include Japanese anime and music. Anime completely replaced television for me, and I don’t really have the patience to sit and watch Spongebob anymore. It has to be my favorite pastime (other than eating). I’m also big on Japanese music. If you have any in your music collection, definitely send me some. If you haven’t listened to Sakanaction as a lover of Japanese music, please check them out. They are by far my favorite band.


I consider myself mildly athletic, although I never really played on any teams. The only sport I ever really played was Ultimate Frisbee, and even then, people are hesitant to fully accept that as a “sport”. In high school, I played on a team put together by the students. I was never actually that good, but my team won the Division II State Championship. It sounds fancy, but that just means we were the best of the worst. Here’s a picture of my team at States (I’m not actually in the picture):

EB Ultimate!

I don’t really know how to classify my taste in music, but I would say I like Rock music the most. My favorite bands include: Sakanaction, The Killers, Phoenix, Straightener, The Strokes, and Young the Giant. If you’ve never listened to Japanese music before, here’s a little taste:

I have a strange infatuation with cooking videos/shows/channels, ESPECIALLY the Food Network. Call me strange, but I could watch that channel for hours at a time without pause. Unfortunately, my cooking skills are mediocre at best. I tell myself every year that I will dedicate myself to learning how to cook, but I always end up setting off the fire alarms.

If you find cooking videos on youtube interesting, I suggest you look up channels like Sorted Food, runnyrunny999, and Food Wishes. That about wraps up my first blog post. Feel free to add me on facebook. I guess I’ll see you all on Tuesday. Until then:

Im lame

I’ve literally used the word “lame” more times in the past week than I probably have in all the other weeks I’ve been alive combined.  My name is Wilson and I’m studying biology(premed) here at Rutgers, hoping to one day look like this. I’m really good at coming up with strange analogies that work and describing people’s faces using  other people’s faces e.g that girl looks like Italian version of Chelsea with Hannah’s nose. I wanted to be a professional eater growing up but that didn’t pan out so I guess I have to settle on being a doctor.

I mainly listen to pop punk music and I’m really sad that I couldn’t find tickets to go see Fall Out Boy today. My favorite bands are Marianas Trench and All Time Low both of whom I’ve seen live.  I also listen to EDM somewhat but it’s mainly just the stuff that my fraternity plays during parties so I wouldn’t really be able to hold a conversation with someone about EDM. I excluded the comma before the “but” in that sentence because wordpress is doing this weird thing where it makes it difficult for me to go back and add text in and it’s actually driving me crazy.

I speak Cantonese fluently and I used to speak Spanish semi-fluently because I volunteered in a clinic for a month in Guatemala. My parents immigrated here from Hong Kong but I was born in Philadelphia. I care a lot about Asian American issues and I’m currently taking a class called Topics in Asian American Studies.

My friends and I are big fans of Nicolas Cage and we’ve actually started up an annual event called Cagefest where we watch Nicolas Cage movies for an entire week.

Describe yourself in one photo

Meu Nome e Jordanna

Olá Pessoal!

Meu Nome é Jordanna Oliveira!


(That’s how we say Hello everyone, My name is… in Portuguese 😀 )

I was born in Brasil and lived there my whole entire childhood & half of my teenage years until I was 13.  After the age of 13, I moved to the United States and it’s today what I call home.  Learning the English language and coming to a completely different country was not easy for me, mainly due to the language and culture. Even today I have some difficulties with the language and various mistakes when it comes to my grammar and pronunciation.

I am currently a Junior and pursuing a major in Human Resources. I am very satisfied with my choice of major. Spare time is not in my calendar, I am loaded with classes from 9:00 am to 5pm and when I am not in class I am interning at United Stationers.  This summer I got very luck and was chosen for an internship with United Stationers.  This internship is allowing me to work hands with the human resource department.  I believe that this internship is only strengthening my passion and love for Human Resources.


During the weekends I tried to catch up onImage my TV shows and some trending music. Some shows that I have become obsessed with are Scandal, Mistress and Orange is the New Black. All three shows are a little bit girly, so fellows I don’t think you would really enjoy them! When it comes to music, I am very open. I don’t really have a favorite band or taste I just like to hear what ever sounds nice. But, I must say I am not a big fan of rock, heavy metal and hip-hop.  One of my all time favorite song is a song called:

 You Give Me Something by James Morrison 

This song means a lot to me and it does not mater how old it gets or how many times it gets played as my ringtone or in my Itunes playlist, it will be forever my favorite song.

Overall, I am a very down to Earth and open-minded person.

I am very easy to talk to and I am very excited to meet everyone in this class!


That means hi in latin! I’m Kat, a junior at RU majoring in English and double minoring in Latin and Classics. I’ve always loved reading, and I have studied Latin for 7 years now. People ask me what I plan to do with these degrees after graduation, and I think the possibilities are endless. I’m interested in publishing, editing, or writing for a sitcom.

I work part time as a cashier and in my spare time I enjoy sewing and watching videos of puppies. One really cute video is the live Shiba Inu puppy cam, found here. I had a dog growing up, but now I have two hermit crabs as pets. I really love dogs, and when I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian; however, math and science are not my best subjects (I’ve never even taken pre-calc!) so I decided to follow my other passions. I plan to get a french bulldog as soon as I am living on my own.

look how cute… 🙂

I am from north Jersey and I love spending time outside, hiking at Ramapo Res. or having picnics in the nature center in my town. Another fact about me is that I follow a gluten free diet, due to Celiac’s Disease, although sometimes I cheat and eat things that do have gluten because they are so delicious and I can’t stop myself. I like to cook healthy meals and try out recipes I find online. Finally, I spend a lot of time on the internet, so I am hoping to enjoy this class a lot.

A Peek Inside My Head

So I’ve never done an introductory post, so bear with me…


The birth certificate says Airayana, but I have an assortment of nicknames ranging from Yana to Willow.  I figure that I’ll suffer from some form of an identity crisis by the time I turn 20. Born and raised in Sacramento, California and now I’m living it up in New Jersey for college. My majors are Sociology and Journalism/Media with a minor in Social Justice, so just a heads up if my blog turns into a literary form of media activism.

Important things to know about me:

I’m a self-diagnosed TV Fanatic with an intense love for all things pop culture. I’m beyond obsessed with Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Revenge, Community, American Horror Story, Dexter, True Blood,Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Scandal, Dance Moms, The Walking Dead, and all things British television. Especially Misfits, Some Girls, My Mad Fat Diary, and Skins. But like I said, I’m a chronic TV watcher and I often find myself devouring shows liked I do food.

Like TV, music is also food for my soul. EDM to Rap… I love it all.The Top 5 Bands are Muse, Imagine Dragons, Bloc Party, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Anberlin. There’s much more, but there aren’t enough characters in the world to type all of that.
Bless you if you read all of this. Rambling is always the name of the game.

Anyways, enjoy this beast of a blog and feel free to talk to me anytime. 😀

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