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Blog Proposal

Blog Proposal For Library

to make the community aware of what is going on at our library, I am proposing we create a library blog.  The blog would include basic information such as library address, telephone number, hours of operation, & holidays they are closed.  We could also include all activities going on at the library such as book clubs, story hours for children, special holiday activities, non-library workshops such as how to use the internet, planning for college, etc.   Each week we might also  feature a library employee and discuss what their job at the library entails & maybe a short personal bio about them.  We could also feature each week a book of the week for adults & children, & allow patrons to discuss them through comments.  We could also highlight what the library can offer to the community, computers for job search, free movies & CD’s with a library card, copy machine, etc.

Avoiding Blog Abandonment

I think the main reason bloggers abandon their blog is  lack of readership.  If you don’t have a lot of readers many bloggers may  decide it is not worth their effort to continue.   More than likely the few readers that a blogger has are family and friends.  If they truly are interested in hanging on to their blog, they should research avenues on how they can promote their blog to gain more readership.

To prevent burnout of my own blog I would do a couple of things.   First, I would probably shorten the length of my posts.  This would alleviate some pressure to having to post to a certain length.  I think 2 posts a week is reasonable, so I would stick to that as a minimum, but if I had smaller posts to add throughout the week I would do that since I would not keep myself to a word limit.  Second, I would look into ways to increase my readership.  knowing I have more of an audience would be motivating.   Third, I would add in different kinds of posts, such as guest bloggers, video blogging, and maybe podcasts.

If I had a friend with a great blog who had not posted in a while, I would first tell them to post!  Next I would let them know how much I enjoy reading their blog and always look forward to new posting.  If I knew any other people who read their blog, I would let them know.  If they were struggling with the the blog for whatever reason, I would offer words of encouragement as well as advice since I am now a blog aficionado after taking our class!

Should We Be Subjected to Others Blog Ranting?

I do think we all need to be a little wary about how we act, in public or private, in the event we become the main topic of someone’s blog.  But if we are acting appropriately at all times we shouldn’t have to worry should we?  But everyone makes mistakes.  Should we have to be criticized by others for making mistakes?  I think people are their own critics to their own bad behavior, so we do not need someone else to beat us up too. But even if we are acting appropriately, we should not have to be subjected to someone else calling us out for any actions, good or bad, on their blog.  If bloggers are going to discuss other people in their blog they should ask permission of that person.  If they can’t do that, at least have the courtesy to use different names.


The Live Blog

Live blogging of a particular food show may actually be of interest to the readers of my blog.  If there was a show or food personality that was of interest to me, I could live blog as I watched the show.  I would discuss what the show was about, who the personality was on the show, and what was being discussed/prepared on the show.  Because I often talk about Martha Stewart on my blog, one of her shows would be a great one to live blog.  The positives about live blogging, we’ll use Martha Stewart as my example, would be readers who may not be familiar with her, would get to see what her and her shows are about.  Another positive, a live blog would add a bit of interest to my blog.  It would be something different for the readers.  A negative, as we discussed, is the technical aspect of trying to live blog on WordPress.  It is not as easy as just going to one place and typing.  Another negative for my blog in particular, is many people do not like Martha Stewart!  So I may lose a few readers for that particular post!

Bloggers As Curators?

In the Brain Pickings “About” page , Popova talked about her blog being a treasure chest of pieces of assorted works.  I think some bloggers can be called curators depending on the subject matter and content of their blog.  If you are pulling in different “pieces” to create your blog, then you would be a “blogator”.  For instance, in my blog I have photos, recipes, reference to cookbooks or magazines, links to websites.  I pull different types of information from assorted sources to make up my blog.

Annotated Bibliography 7

Masullo Chen, Gina.  “Don’t Call Me That:  A Techno-Feminist Critique of the Term Mommy Blogger.”  Mass Communication and Society Volume 16.  Issue 4.  (2013):  510-532.  Web.  31 October 2013.

This article investigates the term “mommy blogger” and it’s effects on the women who are named such.  The author discusses whether this term marginalizes mothers who blog about their families and children, or empowers them, as many of these mothers feel.  The author discusses that this label “mommy blogger” may have people/readers recalling the label for mothers that was part of what many women learned in their childhood.  This label made all mothers look ideal and perfect.  Many women blogging now realize this was not and  is not the reality of real motherhood.

Tools of BlogHer Help Individual Bloggers Succeed

I think individual bloggers would benefit from joining a community of bloggers such as BlogHer.  This seems to be a place where individual bloggers can get more exposure to readers than if they were on their own. Because BlogHer seems to have a reputation for quality content, readers may look for blogs here as opposed to searching say on Google for a particular blog that may or may not have quality content.  Another benefit to individual bloggers would be having more exposure.  If you are reading one particular blog you will see at the end other blogs that are related to the one you just read.  On the right side bar are comments, posts and more blogs also related to what you are reading.

While I think it is possible for individual bloggers to have a presence on social media, BlogHer helps make it happen for everyone That is a part of BlogHer. There are numerous articles, posts and tutorials to help bloggers navigate their way into social media.  I think this gives an edge to BlogHer bloggers.  BlogHer also has many other articles, posts and tutorials to help bloggers be better bloggers.  Each individual blog has a social media menu that allows readers to share what they are reading on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  This helps bring additional exposure to the individual blogger.

If I were to become part of a blogging network it would be BlogHer.  They have so many tools to help bloggers succeed.  And I like the fact that they are a large group of women supporting one another.  I like that their is so much exposure for a blogger on BlogHer.  This would only further help my individual blog succeed.

Annotated Bibliography 5

Chen, Gina Masullo.  “Why Do Women Write Personal Blogs?  Satisfying Needs for Self-Disclosure and Affiliation Tell Part of the Story”.  Computers in Human Behavior.  Volume 28.  (2012):  171-180.  Web.  24 October 2013.

This article discusses the reasons why women blog by directly asking women bloggers.  The author discusses three psychological needs as reasons why women might blog, reasons the women may not even realize themselves.  These reasons/needs are, need for self-disclosure, affiliation and achievement.  The author believes all women fill each of these needs to some degree, but that one reason/need will predominate in each woman.

What is Social Media?

I think social media is any forum online that has more than one participant.  It is a place where writers and readers alike can exchange conversation, comments, and ideas.  While social media is real time, at the moment, the past is usually accessible to view. This “old news” can become current news again if someone chooses to bring it back into current discussion.  Blogs are a form of social media.  They allow an exchange between writer and reader in the comment section of the blog.  Typically bloggers post on a regular basis, making what they post current information.  But, blogs also allow readers to go into a blog’s archives, allowing old information to be accessed.  Rehashing older blog information can make it new again.

Annotated Bibliography 4

Stavrositu, Carmen & Sundar, Shyam S.  Does Blogging Empower Women?  “Exploring the Role of Agency and Community”.  Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication  Volume 17.  Issue 4  (July 2012):  369-386.  Web.  17 Oct. 2012.

In changing my paper focus to what blogging does for women in general, this article defines two theories.  This article discusses how women who blog develop a strong sense of agency from blogging.  Blogging gives them a sense that they are competent and confident as well.  The article also discusses how blogging gives women a sense of community.  Readers are invited to interact with blogs in commenting.  By reading what other women have to say and feel, a sort of bonding occurs forming a community with fellow readers.