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Rough thesis statement

Some argue that the internet has affected our abilities to read and write. However, writing and reading on the internet versus physically writing and reading are two separate settings that thus require separate thought. In terms of blogging, the form in which bloggers and readers write is much more informal than the traditional and tangible ways of reading and writing. Blogging, thus, should not be viewed as subordinate to the more traditional forms of the written language, but rather as a different form. With this in mind, one cannot use written words and responses on blogs to determine that our society’s ability to read has shifted.

Rough Thesis Statement

Topic: Blogging for Business

Blogging to promote a business or corporation has become a huge trend on the internet but does it actually yield substantial profits? The appeal of creating a website for your business is obvious, it seems like it could potentially spread the word about your company very far for very little money, but does it actually create a noticeable difference in your companies success?

Where Should You Blog?

There are many blogging platforms available free for the public, but what differentiates them? Through WordPress, Tumblr and Twitter one will be able to determine key features specific to each platform that attracts certain types of audiences creating a unique blogging experiences.

The Digital Age: Journalism’s Silent Killer?

Despite popular belief and criticism, social media hasn’t filled up the space where print journalism used to reside. In a time where everything has now become accessible, the digital revolution has instead craved a larger space for journalists to touch parts of the world and connect to viewers all over in a way that had once been deemed improbable.

Anonymity is Power on the Internet

It is the strongest voice that allows anyone to voice their opinion without the social consequences that would normally follow a public statement. Freedom of speech is indeed a right that everyone should be entitled to, however that does not imply that the speaker should be free of the responsibilities that come with speaking freely. Censorship in moderation should be put in place in the absence of social pressures that are normally associated with freedom of speech. This censorship is especially needed in blogging, where comment sections run rampant with anonymous replies.  These comments can be not only offensive, but harmful to others as well. It is for this reason that anonymous users should be forced to reveal themselves online; people should be responsible for what they say on the internet.

Blogs in the Classroom

From blackboards to overhead projectors, technology keeps improving and expanding throughout the years. Today, we see a wide variety of ways teachers and professors decide to run their lessons. Blogging has swept these new forms of teaching and skyrocketed in the past 7 years. Technology has evolved to such lengths, that any classroom has a computer for students to use. Blogging is the modern form of the blackboard grasping students attention in a form that they are use to due to their everyday interactions of social media & technology.