Critical Readings/HW

For 9/6: “Why I Blog” by Andrew Sullivan

For 9/10: (1) Brainstorm five possible topics for your personal blog. (2) Choose one of the blogs you added to your RSS reader and write a two-page (typed, double-spaced, printed) response answering the following questions: What is the blog’s function? What is the blogger’s purpose(s)? How does the blog make use of some of the features we talked about in class? (3) Finish “Introduce Yourself” post if you haven’t already done so

For 9/13: (1) Comment on Skylar’s group blog post – 250 words min. (2) Write a rough thesis statement for your final paper and post on the group blog by Friday – put in category “Final Paper Thesis Statements” (see Tips for Writing Thesis Statements if you’re lost) (3) Read “How the Internet Created an Age of Rage

For 9/17: (1) Comment on Yadybel’s group blog post. (2) Utilizing what you’ve learned about best practices for commenting, leave a comment on a post from a blog you’ve added to your RSS reader. (3) Read “The Self-Appointed Twitter Scolds” (4) Complete any unfinished in-class assignments

For 9/20: (1) Comment on Brielle’s group blog post. (2) Post your first annotated bibliography entry. (3) Make sure to do your first two posts on your personal blog by the end of this week. (4) Read the Wikipedia entry for “editorial calendar” and find one article or blog post online about how a blogger used an editorial calendar to improve his/her blogging. Be prepared to share your findings.

For 9/24: (1) Comment on Wilson’s group blog post. (2) Read “Creative Commons is Rewriting Rules of Copyright.”

For 9/27: (1) Comment on Karen’s group blog post. (2) Post your annotated bibliography to the course blog (3) Make sure you’re keeping up with your personal blog posts (4) Read “Tips for Laying Out Blog Posts” and “10 Blog Layout Tips

For 10/1: (1) Comment on Michael’s group blog post (2) Read “The Typewriter: Into the Age of the Iron Whim” by Marshall McLuhan

For 10/4: (1) Comment on Hillary’s group blog post (2) Read “The Rise of Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe (3) Post your annotated bibliography to the course blog

For 10/7: (1) Comment on Donna’s group blog post (2) Read “Detecting Hoaxes, Frauds, and Deception in Writing Style Online” but only the following sections: I, V, VI (you can read more if you want) (3) Write a two page typed, double-spaced, and printed reflection on your given partner’s blog writing style.

For 10/11: (1) Read excerpt from Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton. (2) Post annotated bibliography to course blog.

For 10/15: (1) Comment on Hirsh’s group blog post (2) Read “From Mars: A Young Man’s Adventures in Women’s Publishing” by Lizzie Widdicombe (3) Finish font exercise story from class.

For 10/18: (1) Comment on Gisselle’s group blog post (2) Read “The hyperlink war” by Laura Miller (3) Post annotated bib

For 10/22: (1) Comment on Evan’s group blog post (2) Read “Life as Instant Replay, Over and Over Again” by Jenna Wortham

For 10/25: (1) Comment on Lisa’s group blog post (2) Read “Modern Etiquette: Social Media Do’s and Don’ts” (3) Post annotated bib

For 10/29: (1) Comment on Matthew’s group blog post (2) Read “Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide

For 11/1 (1) Comment on Brian’s group blog post (2) Read “7 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Collaborative Blog” (3) Annotated Bibs

For 11/5: Read “Research Reveals the Popularity of Live Blogging

For 11/8: Read “Fact Checking at The New Yorker” – what about this can we apply to blogging? (2) NO annotated bibs for this Friday, but be sure to work on rough draft of final paper (3) Comment on Jordanna’s post

For 11/12: (1) Comment on Teddy’s post (2) Read “Anonymous Blogging 101: A Quick and Dirty Primer

For 11/15: (1) Comment on Kat’s post (2) Read “For Some, Blogging Never Stops

For 11/19: (1) Comment on Megan’s post (2) Read “A Matter of Life or Death: Modeling Blog Mortality” In a two-page, double-spaced typed response, please answer the following questions: What do you think about this study? What do you personally think affects a blog’s lifespan? How do you envision the lifespan of your own blog (you can be honest)?

For 11/22: Watch the video “Blog to Book: Is the Formula Still Working?

DUE 11/27: Rough draft of final paper due – please e-mail me digital copy.

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