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Quick, write the reaction!

Sure it seems like a cool thing to live blog and it’s something that I feel like I could definitely do but I think I would come to hate it. My current blog is about anime and what I see myself doing as a live blog post is reacting to an episode. Completely doable and might be kind of fun. One side affect though would be the potential release of spoilers for people who didn’t watch the episode yet. Though I might be able to avoid that if I just put a time and my reaction without any content of the episode.

I feel like if I had to do it all the time it would take my attention away from the episode itself so that I can type my reaction to what’s happening. I might miss something or if I didn’t it just plain wouldn’t be the same experience. I love watching anime and when I do watch it I never take my eyes off of the screen. It’s a hard skill to acquire but when watching I see both the subtitles and the animation; I can read and watch at the same time. That doesn’t sound too difficult but at first it bothers yours eyes. Adding writing a blog post to those two things I will definitely start to overload my multitasking abilities.

The only good things I see about live blog posting with regards to my own personal blog is that some of my reactions to anime might be funny. Actually I’m pretty sure they would be because anime is the only thing that makes me turn into a fan girl and I high pitch squeal at the exciting parts. It might bring a comedic aspect to my blog. Still I don’t see the positives being greater than the negatives.

Blogging live! Live blogging!

Live Blogging will help me become extra passionate and extra emotional… If, for example, I were to be live blogging about a music performance, I would make unnecessary comments like, “You messed up at this part,” or, “You look gorgeous I might cry!” Live blogging is pretty exciting, and I feel like a majority of the world partakes in this phenomenon due to Twitter and Facebook. People can post short statuses and updates about anything they are doing, and it is, in fact, a form of live blogging. Live blogging does bring out the best and worst in us. Live blogging is basically our thoughts being uploaded on a social media site to make it official.

The positives of live blogging are quite grand. People get updates and feel like they are a part of the story. People can contribute. It is exciting to learn about different topics. Some people might be missing the VMAs or a TV show, and if they don’t mind spoilers, they might catch up quickly on the happenings in a matter of minutes. Live blogging keeps everyone engaged and updated.

The negatives of live blogging are the spoilers. If people want to physically sit down and watch a show, then they should stay away from live blogging. There might be too much. Everyone constantly updates all the time, and there might be too much information of different opinions. Which shows that not all live blogging includes true information. Some information could be made up, just to get more readers.

All in all, I feel as if live blogging is a great thing. It seems fun to constantly update my feelings about a specific topic. I show so many emotions watching award shows and my TV shows, so why not share it with the world? It’s great to be updated every few minutes, especially if the certain news that is getting live blogged is crucial.

Live in full Affect

So we all know I love all things hip hop and anything and everything that has to do with celebrity gossip. But the ultimate heaven moment would be if i could get gossip and hip hop news while its happening. Who wouldn’t love to hear that Miley Cyrus is in rehab as soon as she steps foot into the rehab center? Or who wouldn’t love to know which celebrity is acting a drunken mess at a club while its actually going on? This idea of live blogging would  be the ultimate ideal news situation, meaning its real news at real time. The benefits of live blogging would be that its fast, up to date, constant, and allows readers to rely on one source for all the information as it is happening in real time. The negatives of live blogging would be that its not 100 percent accurate being that the blogger wouldn’t have the full story in one post and things as well as situations can change making it hard to keep up with the constant updates of stories.  But with news and reporting news we all know its not perfect and everything has flaws. But none the less I am a firm believer that live blogging is the future of news because as a society today we crave knowing things right away due to the fast paste lifestyles and multitasking we do on a regular basis.

Live Blogging and Music

My blog is about Japanese music (I think I’ve mentioned this over 9000 times already), and the one thing I will never be able to do is enjoy a full live performance by any of my favorite bands. The closest I’ve gotten is a downloaded DVD rip of a Sakanaction concert (which was btw phenomenal). I think live blogging concerts could be really amazing for someone like me who does not have the ability to see the band live. Whenever I see on facebook an update on when a Japanese band’s next concert is, I get really excited and then extremely depressed. So many things run through my mind, like what songs will they play? Will they do an encore? Will they play songs from past albums and maybe reinvent them on the spot? How will they transition from song to song? A live blog would tell me all of these things, and maybe even more. I would love to get live feed of a Sakanaction or World Order concert. People could post about the types of songs currently playing, how the band improvised certain parts, or even what the best live performance of the night was. Songs that don’t particularly sound good in the studio version could sound amazing live. If someone microblogged about a song like that, it would only increase my burning desire to visit Japan and see it with my own two eyes. On the flipside, if a band doesn’t sound good live, I don’t really want to hear from live blogs about how bad the concert is. Also, the information someone could forward through a live blog is kind of limited. A review of a concert might be more helpful for me. Still, live blogs offer a unique experience that might lack the depth of a normal blog, but more than makes up for it with the excitement of seeing things in real time.

Tues Nov 5 at 10:17 AM | LIVE BLOGGING

Live blogging can definitely have its benefits, but like pretty much everything in the world it also has negatives. Live blogging is first of all extremely fun and interactive. Some blogs I follow live blog TV shows that I watch, and its so entertaining to read the posts during commercials and laugh if I had the same reactions as other people. It’s almost like you are all in the same room watching it. It also gives you different perspectives on how other people think about a big plot event. However, this can have its downsides if I am at work and unable to watch the show. I might check my blog feed on break (or while I’m working… whatevs) and see all the spoilers of the show. Similarly, I like to read live blog posts when comic con is going on and there is an event for one of my shows. Since I can’t be there, it is really cool to still get the info right away. However, it can be confusing when people post differing information or aren’t as fast as you’d like them to b. It becomes unclear what the truth is, and you’re stuck wondering in suspense.
A cool thing about twitter is interacting with celebrities. One of the actors from my favorite show always tweets a little while the show is airing, and its never necessarily spoilers, but his reactions to himself and his cast are so great! It makes you feel like I said earlier, that you are watching the show with the bloggers and in this case makes it seem like I’m watching with the actor. It gives a new feeling to watching the show, as if you are bff with the man on the screen.