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Blogging Proposal

Hello sir,

I’d like to suggest a new blog for the company. A blog is not only a great marketing tool to gain publicity but it is great way to keep our customers informed. Blogging offers an easy way for customers to provide feedback and comment on our policies. The current method that connect with our customers is both out-dated and inefficient. On the other hand, with blogs it allows for use to provide instant feedback. Also blogs offer a much more modern outlook compared to a traditional website. We can constantly update our products and deals in a manner that is much more viewer- friendly. With the use of blogs, I assure you that our publicity will rise and customer satisfaction of our provided services will also increase. I hope you will consider this proposal.

Keeping the Dream Alive

There are several obvious reasons why people decide to abandon their blogs. The main reason is that people don’t have the time. Most people don’t get paid from blogging (at least not enough to be self-sustaining) therefore you can assume that the probably work an 8 hour a day job. They may also be students or have families to take care of. Because of this, often times people don’t have time to maintain things like blogs, not when there are other priorities that need to be completed first. Another reason that I believe causes people to abandon their blogs is the frustration of not having huge success. Unless you’re one of those one hit wonders, it takes a long time to gain a following. It is definitely frustrating for me to see that no one is reading my content when I specifically made my blog in order to put my opinions out there. At that point I wonder what is the point. The best way that I believe to prevent “blog burnout” is to connect with the community. Find blogs that are similar to yours and get active on that community. Take part in the comments and participate in discussions. Even if this doesn’t get you recognized by the blog author or give you more views, it is mentally refreshing to at least get your opinions out into the open. Also you may see other opinions and gain new ideas by talking about it with other people. If I were to give one piece of advise to someone else it would be to go out and get involved. When you are a small, beginning blog, most people will just pass you by. Go to bigger blogs with similar topics and see what you can learn.

Privacy vs Free Speech

I do agree with the statement that we need to adjust as things like blogs evolve. We all are entitled to a right to privacy but the people talking about us are also entitled to a right to free speech. I can see how these two rights make collide and cause conflict. I believe that the best case scenario is that bloggers should continue to have the right to write freely however, should respect the privacy of the people they are talking about. If that means that the person in question should be given an anonymous name or if only an initial should be given, then that is the up to the discretion of the person being talked about. After all it is not only the blogger’s reputation on the line but the person being talked about as well. Ultimately, I believe that information and events should be able to be freely blogged about even if the other person does not want it to be. However, I believe that the person should hold the right to remain anonymous. This to me is the only thing that should be a must. The events that occur however should still be able to be blogged about. After all, if a random person saw you do something stupid then and they blog about it, there is nothing you can really do to make them remove it since you don’t know each other. The effect would be the same and the person being blogged about will have to just adjust and move one. That being said, I believe that bloggers should remain careful about what and who they blog about. Even if they maintain the right to blog about events, would it really be worth the other person getting upset with you over the post. If you are ready to threaten your relationship with the other person then blog away jerk.

The dangers of the blogging world

In this post there are two questions that I will give my opinion on. The first one is whether or not bloggers should put a disclaimer if they are receiving a free product. I definitely believe that they should because it would be better in the long run. If bloggers hide this fact, then the viewers may feel cheated and upset that the blog may be less about the content and more about the product. In other words, they will believe that the blogger is a sellout. It would be better to be honest and upfront about it and show that you still are true to what you say even if you are getting products. The other question that I will give my opinion on is whether or not bloggers should be held accountable for fact checking like journalists are. Honestly, I believe that bloggers should check facts just to make sure that their blogs are legitimate and that the viewers can trust them. However, at the same time I believe that they also shouldn’t have to since they are not really protected by law like journalists are. Also to me blogs are all about speed. Therefore, it would lose purpose if the information came out two weeks later. So I believe that blogs should try to be as factual as possible but that it should not be forced to give up what makes it a blog for this alone.

Live Blogging: Its all about speed

Live blogging to me is a pretty interesting idea and one that could be experimented with to make a really great blog. By having things done in real time, your reader would probably get a better understanding of whatever it is you are doing and have the opportunity to instantly provide feedback and opinions. What is most amazing about this is the speed that things are done. Unlike posts which are pre-written and thought about well beforehand, live blogging require a constant flow of information. However, with that being said I believe that there are some things that need to be taken into account. Most obviously is the fact that you can talk faster than you can type. In live blogging, it would almost be likeĀ  a chat where small blurbs are typed out and then a back and forth typing conversation would occur. But if you want something like that why not live blog with a camera. Since you are able to talk quicker, wouldn’t it be easier to say your ideas and respond to typed comments from others rather than trying to keep up by typing. To me this seems like an easier option. In normal blog posts these things might not mean as much since you are writing out your posts and then posting them. But the purpose of live blogs is for the speed of feedback. Since this is the case, I feel that just having a live-stream is more efficient

Close but not quite

In some ways curators are like bloggers. Most obviously both oversee content and the product. Bloggers consciously are managing their blog when they decide what the post should be about, when it should be presented, and how the actual visual representation should be to create a viewer- friendly environment. Similarly, a curator manages what pieces should be put on display, when they should be put in, and the presentation of the works. Also both bloggers and curators focus on maintaining their works. Bloggers must focus on all posts, old and new, in order to keep up with comments and to recognize strengths and weaknesses. Curators must also ensure that all pieces are up to date and that everything is as it needs to be during the time that the pieces are on display. Although there are quite a few similarities, there is one glaring difference in my opinion. This difference is that bloggers create original content while curators maintain, organize, and manage the work of others. For this reason, I believe that bloggers are more than just curators even though they both do many of the same tasks.

Is Blogher right for you?

When I look at Blogher it’s like seeing two side of a coin. On one hand, you are given the opportunity to expand you audience in ways that blogging alone could never achieve. If you are able to get onto the front page or most popular list, thousands of people would be exposed to your writing. However, with that in mind, it is also difficult and discouraging to submit your work on sites like Blogher if you are a young, upcoming blogger. There are so many people, posts, and links on that site already that your posts may be lost in the sea of information. Unless you secure your spot on the front-page of the site where people can find your articles easily, your goals may be difficult to achieve. One thing that is good is that Blogher organizes the different topics well. That way it is easier to connect with people who are interested in your particular niche. However, since Blogher has a certain set of organized tabs there is a chance that your blog is not within the allowed topics. If your blog happens to be outside the subjects that Blogher shows you might not know where to put your blog and the actual publicity that you receive might only be as much as if you tried to blog and market independently. Overall, I believe that Blogher is a decent idea. However, the amount of actual success that you receive may differ for different people and blog topics.