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Good Writing

I think a way to determine whether a blog is good or not is to compare the author’s tone to the subject they are talking about.  The blog that I am reading is a cooking blog; she is talking about a healthier alternative to the original and very fating snicker doodle recipe. I think this blogger does have good writing. I can really see her excitement about this recipe with the punctuations that she uses; she uses exclamation points and all caps. She uses the language of the Internet to convey her feeling through writing (using all caps, emojis, punctuation). You can also tell through her writing that she is young which I personally like because I am also young.  Her use of emoi’s shows her youthfulness and also shows the reader how excited she is to post. I know many people do not like it when writers use this but I personally do. Just as I said previously, the theme of your blog should determine your tone. This blogger decided to do a cooking blog, which could go either way. The author is young but she still does write her blog using proper grammar. She does not use any slang terms or misspells anything. I think using slang is only appropriate under quotation marks. Slang should not be used in a blog unless you’re doing a comedic blog. This blogger is not doing not doing a comedic blog so she must keep her grammar correct.

Changing Media Up

The article “Nude” really showed me how vulnerable media is once it is put on the Internet. I never really realized how easy it is for people to change and modify text. Simply placing the text into a Word document changes the format and originality of the text. He really shows how it is different to printed text. It is much more difficult to make changes and take hide the source of the article when it is in a printed form. Modifying an article or an image can also take away the credibility. Since it is modified it may not have the correct content that the original form of media had; an example of this are images of celebrities online. Celebrities are always having their picture taken by paparazzi and posted online. A lot of readers take these pictures and modify the image making it completely different. A picture of a celebrity is taken in one place, cut and pasted onto another image. Anyone can modify it and repost it on the Internet. Once it is on the Internet it spreads like wildfire.  This idea of modification can be connected to Lauren DiCioccio’s paintings. She takes texts and replaces the words with painted circles. She is using the media, which is readily available, and modifies it to create something completely different. In this case she is doing no harm to anyone. Her painting really allows one to see the format of the text. Anything on that is posted on the Internet is vulnerable to modification and changes.

Widgets and Things

A blogger relies on technology like a hospital patient relies on his/her doctors. Just like doctors, the more sophisticated technology is the better the experience you have. With newer technology you can run programs faster and a whole lot easier than when computers first came out. Did the people who first created the computer really believe that you wouldn’t have to plug in the computer in the future to keep it running, or to have internet? No, so the fact remains that technology has come so far and I believe that because of such advancement, people have definitely become way more dependent on it than they should be. A blogger with more experience with technology can host a blog way more successfully than someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer. The more experienced blogger can makes tags and use fancy displays on their posts that catch the readers attention, making the blog just that much more interesting to read. By being able to understand and use all the features of the internet and the rest of technology, bloggers create a more personal and better developed interface that users understand and interact with. By understanding technology you can customize your blog and that means you can make it your own. This helps the blogger reach their own level of success that is unlike anything else on the internet, and once they become unique the blog becomes known for being unusual. Also if the content of one blog was just as good as the content in another blog, but one blogger wasn’t familiar with technology and how to use its features while the other one was, the blog with the more techno-savvy host would be more successful and held to a higher level of standards.

Some interesting features that blogging platforms use are simple HTML codes that you can edit to customize your dashboard or even the first page of your blog. By simply copying and pasting a two line code into your blog you can make the page start to snow or do other cool things. It is these simple yet completely overlooked features that allow the more experienced blogger to excel his blog to a higher standard. A blogger can also, if he or she chooses, to install apps on their smart phone which can help the blogger keep in touch with their followers while on the move. These apps give the blogger the ability to post more frequently without the need for a plugin computer or laptop. It is as simple as turning on your phone. The apps allows the hosts to respond easier to comments made on their posts and to continue their interaction at any time.

Another aspect of the internet is widgets. These are tools made available from the blogging platform to add outside information from websites to a blog. Examples of these are: linking up your twitter feed to your blog, including a search bar in your blog, and embedding a game or anything that isn’t a post of the blog itself.