Social Media Is The Key To Success

Dear Mr.President,

I know I may be new to the company and only a part time summer intern but I think the company is currently under utilizing it’s potential.  I noticed currently that the company does not have a deep technological impact in the social media aspect.  Currently I’m taking a creative blogging class at Rutgers University and this class has currently taught me the importance of utilizing social media to help the company gain exposure, a brighter image, and retain as wells attain customers.  I’m here to tell you why and how you can attain these competitive advantages.  First of all, the main initiative to implement more effort into social media is the cost effective result.  Using social media is cheap and what you basically get from creating a blog, twitter, or Facebook page is free marketing and advertisement for the company.  Facebook and Twitter have millions of users every single day, creating either one will definitely create more exposure for the company.  Another advantage in the use of Facebook and Twitter is better customer service.  Using these social media outlets creates stronger and better relationships with customers and potential customers.  This brings out a positive image while receiving customer feedback on the company’s products and service.  Compared to emails and letters, Twitter and Facebook is a personal conversation with a customer.  We are able to advertise new deals and challenges that customers are able to participate in as well as stay informed.  Social Media helps build a strong community of customers and readers which improves a companies overall sales, image, and exposure.  Now that you have heard the advantages of using social media for a company, please consider actually implementing it for the company.  I am very familiar with this kind of advertisement since I am a college student myself.

Thanks for reading

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