Dear President

Dear President,

Having a social media website will bring great benefits to this company. Not only will it get more widely know across the Internet it can potentially increase your sales and profits overall.  More and more people will start learning about our company and the great community services we provided to our community. In addition, our products are going to be widely known which we can expand the business and create also a virtual store, where thousands and thousands of individuals can order their own products through our website. Imagine having two stores but actually only paying for one? Which would be the one that we are having in New York City. Furthermore, increasing this presence online can also spark many other businesses ideas to buy our stuff in bulk or even try to sell some of our items for us. 

President, I believe the opportunity is knocking in our door and we must take this challenge. In the beginning is going to be a little hard setting everything up, but my expertise’s in this field will help a lot.  We can make this business grow and that is through our social presence online!

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