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Dear President of whatever company,

You may not know me yet because I just joined the company. I am a recent graduate, and I want to help expand the customer base of our company. I know that this company will succeed with flying colors if we add a little something extra.

Now, I’ve been doing some research about the company, and I noticed that we do not have a blog. After taking a multimedia class, I have learned that blogs really help increase customers and readers. Blogging will help us connect to not only our returning customers but also with new customers. With a blog, we can: introduce new products; create interesting stories relating to our products; increase customers; upload photos of our products; make customers feel like they are a part of the company; have polls for new ideas; have contests; ask customers for reviews; write news about the company and/or about our community.

You can hire a social media techie, or I can possibly help out with creating our blog. I already have a design layout that will really catch the eyes of many. I looked up keyword searches that people search for frequently. I have a few posts already in mind that include these keywords, which would really help this company grow. I already have contest ideas. All I need is approval from you to begin this journey. I’ll take pictures, upload constantly, and make sure to reach a quota and possibly surpass it. We need a blog ASAP.

into the future

My blog is about mini college tips.

It will become a vlog with mini situations… so like a mini TV show in a Vlog form? I will ask friends to act out mini roles and create situations that a college student can relate to. I want to make it a humorous, yet sometimes a serious, vlog that engages many viewers. Some days I will incorporate photos instead of situations. I think a video log is more interesting than reading posts sometimes. When I’m tired and just want to relax, reading is great, but often, I enjoy watching vlogs more. I would rather spend 10 minutes watching a vlog than reading a blog. Maybe I’ll get enough subscribers and ‘episodes’ to turn it into a DVD set. hahaha

It will then evolve into a book deal. I think my book will be more interesting than photos and text messages. Tips are fun and short but meaningful. College students can relate and learn; high school students can learn beforehand. Graduate students may recollect and reminisce. It will connect to a wide population.


Don’t stop bloggin!

It’s all about commitment and self-motivation. After reading and learning about all the reasons and ways to avoid abandonment of blogs, I feel like it all depends on the blogger. If a blogger does not enjoy their topic anymore, they may forget about it, or take a really long time to update and write a post. The blogger can also just lose interest. If the blogger doesn’t feel committed or happy with their blogs, readers probably would feel just the same. The blogger needs to have fun and be committed. Bloggers might also set the bar too high when first starting their blogs. They might think that their blog will get a million followers in a few days, or they might believe that a lot of people will repost, comment, and talk about all their posts. Others might want monetary feedback. It takes a few weeks to a few months, maybe years, to build of readerships and followers. By setting the expectations too high and then not achieving it quickly, the blogger might lose complete interest.

Bloggers can set little goals that seem more realistic and approachable. With followers, maybe they can say 10 followers in two weeks and slowly grow it from there. They can create posting schedules and calendars to make sure they strictly follow a pattern, so that it will integrate normally into their lives if they want to blog for a long period. They should allow friends and family to provide feedback and comments; it’s always good to hear a little bit of criticism. It’s better to hear positive feedback that can motivate a blogger to keep on blogging.

I need to schedule my posts accordingly. I never know what certain days will bring. With a schedule, I’d be much more committed. I need to set a tiny goal every few weeks to keep going. I also should jot down more notes about ideas because I get great ones but forget all the time. One thing other bloggers (and I?) can do is follow blogs and forums that have similar topics. That way, there would be more motivation. I think more ideas can stem from others’ stories, and there will be more responses and opinions elicited- every reader loves drama and responses!!

I would definitely tell my friend to start posting again. I would even offer to give her ideas! I might help her edit, too. If her blog posts were that awesome, I would definitely bribe her with cookies or something amazing to keep her going strong. I would make her feel guilty about her readers crying that they haven’t read her posts in a while. I’d show her the lists that we read and try persuading her in any way possible!!

watch out, you might end up in someone’s blog!

It’s sad to see how such a great thing as blogging has emerged and everyone interprets it in different ways. Bloggers discuss a wide range of topics such as: recipes, DIYs, reviews, criticisms, vents- internet diaries, etc. It’s sad that this question even popped up! What’s more sad is that people can’t confront the actual person and  have to vent and write horrible things on their blogs.

I personally disagree with this statement. Why? Because everyone is different, and everyone is free to act as they please- as long as it’s not offensive or cruel. If someone has an awkward presence and dress in Christmas Sweaters all the time, it is not a reason to blog nasty things about them. Some people are rude, I agree, because they state all their opinions without any boundaries. But those people are themselves, and they probably should expect that someone will say something about them. We can’t all be on our toes all the time, scared that someone will blog mean things about them.

I believe in the Golden rule: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” People should be nice if they want others to be nice to them. People should act accordingly and like sincere citizens if they want others to treat them with respect and kindness. So many people utilize their blogs as diaries…. they sometimes don’t even look for followers. I personally thing they should write in a physical diary with an actual pen, but everyone is different. Some like using computers more than getting hand cramps furiously writing. I rather furiously write and underline instead of breaking my keyboard. People are able to write about anything they want online, but they should try playing nice. If I end up in someone’s blog in a negative way, I’d say, “Great. That’s one thing I can change about myself!” Of course, after cursing them off, and then realizing that I’m special to be featured in someone’s blog. They took time out of their lives to dedicate a post to me. How. Sweet. But chances are I probably won’t know if an individual blogged about me. Most bloggers change the names when blogging about others. If they are blatant and open, I probably will not mind. My friends and family know how I act on a normal basis and would understand.

People tweet or update Facebook statuses about others and their good/bad experiences. It’s a normal thing. People have been updating their diaries with good/bad things. Crushes. Rude people. Santa Claus. Forever we have been writing about people ‘secretly’. No one should have to worry about whether someone will write about them or not. Bloggers should be able to, however, be more respectful to privacy. They shouldn’t upload pictures or videos or whatever about a person without their permission… At least keep the post on the DL, change up names, or keep it as a private post!

information by bloggers

As a big reader of many blogs, I have seen many bloggers state that they received x and y samples from a company, and they would proceed to write about the product. So far, the products were not all positives. Some had downsides and some had in-between feelings. I feel that companies send free products to bloggers who are well-known. They probably expect these bloggers to write the best things about their products, but sometimes, there will be negatives. Companies probably know that the bloggers will not write all positives- it’s not like the companies are actually paying them to say positive things! It really is not a big deal if bloggers disclose when they receive free products or if they do not because in the end, bloggers just end up stating that they received products from a company…(probably doesn’t make any sense). To clarify, bloggers always post pictures of free products they received because they’re happy or sad…either or. We as readers can see the logo on the brand, and we can easily figure out which company made what. So, bloggers do not really have to disclose that type of info. It will be nice if they did though because it will clarify and make it easier if readers want to test that certain product.

Bloggers are pretty much alike Journalists if bloggers always update their blogs with news. The only difference between these two are journalists have to be neutral while bloggers go on a tantrum sometimes… There should really be no bias opinions, but sometimes, people can’t help it. I read an article stating that Journalists have to be unbiased for basically every article… even sports journalists cannot cheer at an event or they will get fired (is this true?). Journalists’ articles and stories need to get fact checked multiple times before getting published. I feel like bloggers should fact check their own information, too! They should get other credible people who can fact check for them as well. Bloggers are basically journalists, just in a more social and quick way. It’s embarrassing to go back to an already published article and have to make updates about corrections. I see popular, well-known blogs and news sites correcting their already posted articles, and I sometimes wonder why… It’s not easy being correct all the time, but it is a great thing to try being accurate most of the times. No one is perfect, but it doesn’t hurt to recheck your information and backtrack! Bloggers can update their corrections on their blog posts without actually being caught. They can edit their post, and no one will really know that they corrected a little piece of information. They should be less held accountable than journalists because bloggers, in my opinion, do not really portray the news as the whole world will see it. I feel like bloggers are more opinionated.

Blogging live! Live blogging!

Live Blogging will help me become extra passionate and extra emotional… If, for example, I were to be live blogging about a music performance, I would make unnecessary comments like, “You messed up at this part,” or, “You look gorgeous I might cry!” Live blogging is pretty exciting, and I feel like a majority of the world partakes in this phenomenon due to Twitter and Facebook. People can post short statuses and updates about anything they are doing, and it is, in fact, a form of live blogging. Live blogging does bring out the best and worst in us. Live blogging is basically our thoughts being uploaded on a social media site to make it official.

The positives of live blogging are quite grand. People get updates and feel like they are a part of the story. People can contribute. It is exciting to learn about different topics. Some people might be missing the VMAs or a TV show, and if they don’t mind spoilers, they might catch up quickly on the happenings in a matter of minutes. Live blogging keeps everyone engaged and updated.

The negatives of live blogging are the spoilers. If people want to physically sit down and watch a show, then they should stay away from live blogging. There might be too much. Everyone constantly updates all the time, and there might be too much information of different opinions. Which shows that not all live blogging includes true information. Some information could be made up, just to get more readers.

All in all, I feel as if live blogging is a great thing. It seems fun to constantly update my feelings about a specific topic. I show so many emotions watching award shows and my TV shows, so why not share it with the world? It’s great to be updated every few minutes, especially if the certain news that is getting live blogged is crucial.

ABC: A Blogger = Curator!


Curators are people who research and maintain content. They decide when a certain piece of work will be displayed to the public. They always make sure the public sees new works. Bloggers, for the most part, are, in essence, curators. They decide which content to publish. Bloggers can use editorial calendars to post different topics that will fit well with a certain month or week. Bloggers, themselves, maintain what content to publish and show to the public- readers. Cooking bloggers who test different recipes, tweak it to make it the best, and post their results and instructions are curators. Tech bloggers who always test new devices and post feedback are curators. Even those who love to write about their days are basically curators. As long as some type of research occurs, bloggers are curators. Curators don’t have to deal with expensive or historic pieces of work. Curators deal with any form of new information!