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Is Blogging Linear?

When I think of linearity I think of a line; something going in only one direction. I also think that Lupton is also talking about something similar to this idea. What I think she means is that if writing is linear is when then the writing is flowing in one direction. The work starts at one end and finishes at another; there is not moving around or skipping around.  She related this idea of linearity to speaking which made it a bit easier to understand the concept. Think about it; when you speak you don’t skip words, you put words together to form a sentence, then the sentences form a story.  She gave examples like reading written text or watching a PowerPoint is linear. One could also thing of linearity as something sequential; one thing must go after the other to form ideas. In a PowerPoint you watch/read the first slide to understand the second slide and the thirds slide and so on and so forth.

I do not think that blogging is linear. I would also think that Lupton would agree with my statement. She says that some digital media is nonlinear. She says that nonlinear forms, “The Web is pushing author, editors and designers to work inventively with new modes of microconent (page titles, key words, alt tags) that allow data to be searched, indexed, bookmarked, translated into audio or otherwise marked for recall.” Blogging does just that. Bloggers use key words and pages on their posts. These things allow readers to redirect to other similar topics; this causes the readers to get sent away from the original text.

Who are the Real Journalists?

“Who Is A Journalist?.” Journalism Studies 9.1 (2008): 117-131. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 11 Oct. 2013.

This article talks about why journalism is not under the publics interest anymore and why people do not see it as a creditable source. Blogging has changed the ways of communication and forced journalist to change their practices. The author talks about how blogging misinforms, dis-informs, and vilifies information; journalist had this task all to themselves but blogging is taking that away from them. The uprising of the Internet has challenged journalists’ old methods. Now anyone can do a job similar to a journalist and still makes a living. Journalism is now faced with challenges of competing against other forms of media such as YouTube and others blogs. The journalist says that journalism must adapt to this new environment or perish. The lines between journalism and blogging becomes unclear to readers because one can not differentiate credible information from opinion or misleading information. Blogging is not considered to be  Journalism; they do compete against each other for the position of best informational source. Although blogging is not journalism it has caused journalism to change drastically by challenging it to be more creative and try new things to attract readers.

Good Writing

I think a way to determine whether a blog is good or not is to compare the author’s tone to the subject they are talking about.  The blog that I am reading is a cooking blog; she is talking about a healthier alternative to the original and very fating snicker doodle recipe. I think this blogger does have good writing. I can really see her excitement about this recipe with the punctuations that she uses; she uses exclamation points and all caps. She uses the language of the Internet to convey her feeling through writing (using all caps, emojis, punctuation). You can also tell through her writing that she is young which I personally like because I am also young.  Her use of emoi’s shows her youthfulness and also shows the reader how excited she is to post. I know many people do not like it when writers use this but I personally do. Just as I said previously, the theme of your blog should determine your tone. This blogger decided to do a cooking blog, which could go either way. The author is young but she still does write her blog using proper grammar. She does not use any slang terms or misspells anything. I think using slang is only appropriate under quotation marks. Slang should not be used in a blog unless you’re doing a comedic blog. This blogger is not doing not doing a comedic blog so she must keep her grammar correct.

Web Blogs and Journalism: Do they Connect?

Blood, Rebecca. “Weblogs And Journalism: Do They Connect?.” Nieman Reports 57.3 (2003): 61-63.Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 4 Oct. 2013.

This articles talks about the importance of blogging in today’s society and in journalism. The author says that previously people were making claims that web blogging was the new form of journalism but in recent years has been modified to some web blogs are doing journalism some of the time.  They say that there are four different types of blog pages: those written by journalist, those written by professionals about their industry, those written by individuals at the scene of a major even and those that use the news to hear about current events. Being a journalist does not make all your works journalism. The author also states that, “to include everyone who writes anything about current events.  I prefer the term ‘participatory media’ for the blogger’s practice of actively highlighting and framing the news that is reported by journalist, a practice potentially as important as –but different from –journalism.” He points out that the blogger is using recycled information and not receiving directly from the source. He does not say that blogging is not important but that people should not get the two confused because they are different. Blogging is much more opinion based, biased and sometimes not accurate compared to journalism.

Changing Media Up

The article “Nude” really showed me how vulnerable media is once it is put on the Internet. I never really realized how easy it is for people to change and modify text. Simply placing the text into a Word document changes the format and originality of the text. He really shows how it is different to printed text. It is much more difficult to make changes and take hide the source of the article when it is in a printed form. Modifying an article or an image can also take away the credibility. Since it is modified it may not have the correct content that the original form of media had; an example of this are images of celebrities online. Celebrities are always having their picture taken by paparazzi and posted online. A lot of readers take these pictures and modify the image making it completely different. A picture of a celebrity is taken in one place, cut and pasted onto another image. Anyone can modify it and repost it on the Internet. Once it is on the Internet it spreads like wildfire.  This idea of modification can be connected to Lauren DiCioccio’s paintings. She takes texts and replaces the words with painted circles. She is using the media, which is readily available, and modifies it to create something completely different. In this case she is doing no harm to anyone. Her painting really allows one to see the format of the text. Anything on that is posted on the Internet is vulnerable to modification and changes.

Blogging VS Journalism

Friedman, Jacob. “Blogging vs. Journalism: The Ongoing Debate.” The Next Web. 10

Aug 2010. http://thenextweb.com/us/2010/08/18/blogging-vs-journalism-the-ongoing-debate/.

This article agrees with the idea that bloggers are not considered journalist. The author mentions in the article that in order to be a journalist one must go get interview people, get some facts and then write about what they learned. The best fact that is mentioned it that journalism is not an opinion. Journalism is supposed to give unbiased facts; it is not suppose to incorporate the opinion of the writer.  Blogging is sometimes a stepping-stone for journalist. They start off writing about things they are passionate about. Author mentions that journalists are not better than bloggers but they are both in two different categories. The lines between journalism and blogging can sometimes be difficult to distinguish but it is still present.

Why is Creative Commons Good?

Sometimes people like to share pictures and videos to their friends on the Internet. The problem with this is that the people that share this tend to forget to give the creator any credit and sometimes they do not even know who the creator is. Creative Commons media allows people who want to share media to do it in a legal and appropriate manner. Although the Internet is a free zone it does have rules. There are copyright rules that should be followed and if these rules are not followed the person sharing it may deal with consequences. Creative Commons tells people what pictures are able to be used and how restricted they are. Some pictures people are allowed to change or sell pictures. Anything on this website lets you search safe pictures. It may seem like as a blogger your being restricted but that is not the case. Bloggers can take full advantage of this tool by promoting the subject they are writing about. An example is that some bloggers write stories and they post this up and allow others to share their story. This way the blogger and their work would be distributed faster and they would be recognized among a larger crowd. Bloggers are able to promote their work a lot more through this site and this also prevents others from taking the credit away from the original creator. Users also benefit from using Creative Commons. They are able to see the topics that they like from the original creators.

Is Blogging Journalism?

Andrews, Paul. Nieman Harvard. Harvard College. Web. 19 Sept. 2013.<http://www.nieman.harvard.edu/reportsitem.aspx


The author says that blogging is not considered journalism because there are certain credentials necessary for a person to be considered a journalist. He says that the lack of tools and experience prevent bloggers from being journalist. He gives the comparison that calling a blogger a journalist is like any person who takes a picture a photographer. Journalists give facts and present the information they have received in an unbiased manner unlike bloggers. Bloggers tend to state their thoughts and opinions rather than just sticking to the facts. Although he says that blogging is not considered journalism he does say that it has impacted journalism. He states that bloggers have given hints to journalists about unknown issues found in the world. After weeks or months of bloggers writing about a particular issue journalist take notice and present it to the public eye.

What is Best for you?

If a person has a lot of experience with technology they would be able to create a more detailed and complicated blog.  If a your are not to good with technology and want to improve your blogging skills then I would suggest using the resources available such as YouTube and the rest of the Internet. YouTube has many tutorials on how to set up blogs, fix any issues, help with layouts and gives further suggestions on how to improve your blogs. If you do not know how to search videos up well on YouTube then just use Google. Most people have become experts with this search engine. Anyone can just type in what they want to do on their blog and Google will provide answers. YouTube and Google will help if the person wants some help with the setting up of the blog or any suggestions on layouts.

The actual blogging can be adjusted to how the person actually uses technology.  Most people have the basic information to use the computer and make blogs but they may not have the time to sit and write on a desktop. A cell phone on the other hand always users to blog anywhere anytime. If the person uses a cell phone a lot and knows how to use apps properly then they will have no problem blogging on the go. This becomes much more convenient for bloggers and allows them to blog whenever they like.  If your not familiar with blogging apps then try to learn. It is really great tool that allows to blog when extra down time is available.

Now that we have discussed how you want to blog next is to choose a site where you would like to blog on. There are may sites that will allow to make a personal site (self-sufficient blog) which would cost some money and time. This is if you’re on the more experienced side and you have the hang of blogging and the set up. You will be able to have a little more control over the layout and the format of your site but it may be a bit challenging if you’re not familiar with the tool. If you choose to do this make yourself familiar with this process. It may sound corny but practice makes perfect. This will increase your abilities and expertise in blogging. Now if you do not want the hassle of all that then just stick to having the site your making your blog do all the work. WordPress does a great job in helping bloggers create blogs even if they are inexperienced. The process is very easy that just about anyone can do it. If you, the new blogger, feel this is for you then go for it!

Bloggers must choose what kind of blogs they want and how they want to display their blogs to the world. Some people may enjoy the easy formatting of wordpress and find it helpful but others may not. You want to make sure your style is similar to the type of blogging you do. Tumbler is a very known blogging site where it has a lot of social media influence. This is a site that is very convenient because it has an app and is very known to both bloggers and non-bloggers. If you are good with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and hey even Myspace then Tumbler may be your choice.

Your technological abilities will influence you in choosing different formats and sites for blogging. If you are a kind of person that has a general background with technology and doesn’t want to worry about the hassle then look into sites like wordpress that does almost everything for you. If you have a general background and want to improve then do some research and learn about blogging. Use that information and play around with the tools and formats available. Doing this will enhance your technological/blogging abilities. Adjust your blog to your personal styles and preference.


News blogs

philip-defranco[1]The Philip Defranco blog

The first blog that I am presenting is actually one of my favorite people to watch on youtube and it is the Philip Defranco blog. This blog template is black and he has a symbol for his blog which is a picture of a monkey (his logo). He doesn’t necessary write blogs instead makes videos on daily topics such as politics, any world wide news, celebrity gossip you name it! He presents the news in a comdeic manner which is what I am trying to do. As I state previously I will be writting about outrageous current events not  so much making videos.

Reddit Blog

reddit-logoReddit is a great site where people can go and search up any topic they would like. The have different categories of topics so the reader can filter out the content they do not want to read. Redit has a lot of extreme and crazy news they post up. The layout for this blog is pretty plain as well; they have a white template with a logo as well. The only thing I would do differently is restrict the amount of information. I would only post things related to crazy and unordinary news.


sourcefed_in_orbit_by_nullpersona-d51ksrwThis is also a youtube video and is founded by Philip Defranco himself. This blog also has videos just as phil does but it is a bit different. Phil posts one video each day suming up a few current events. Source fed talks about one current event in each video and posts at lead five videos each day. Depending on the topic they usually add their own personality and some comedy into their videos. This really makes viewers enjoy learning about the news. As I said for phil’s blog I will not be doing videos but written post but my appraoch in how I set it up will be simliar. I also plan to have each post talking about one specific event instead of breifly going over a few.