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Live in full Affect

So we all know I love all things hip hop and anything and everything that has to do with celebrity gossip. But the ultimate heaven moment would be if i could get gossip and hip hop news while its happening. Who wouldn’t love to hear that Miley Cyrus is in rehab as soon as she steps foot into the rehab center? Or who wouldn’t love to know which celebrity is acting a drunken mess at a club while its actually going on? This idea of live blogging would  be the ultimate ideal news situation, meaning its real news at real time. The benefits of live blogging would be that its fast, up to date, constant, and allows readers to rely on one source for all the information as it is happening in real time. The negatives of live blogging would be that its not 100 percent accurate being that the blogger wouldn’t have the full story in one post and things as well as situations can change making it hard to keep up with the constant updates of stories.  But with news and reporting news we all know its not perfect and everything has flaws. But none the less I am a firm believer that live blogging is the future of news because as a society today we crave knowing things right away due to the fast paste lifestyles and multitasking we do on a regular basis.

Its All About The Curator Baby.

So I’ve heard the word curator before but was never sure exactly what it meant. If you would have asked me 15 minutes before this post what a curator was I would have put some fancy words together and basically said it had something to do with a person in the medical field. But obviously I would have been completely wrong. But when comparing a blogger to a curator I find that they are one in the same because a curator is a “content specialist” and a blogger is someone who basically displays content that they feel is important for readers to view. So I guess now you can call me a curator rather than a blogger, I feel it sounds more official and has a ring to it (lol). But on a serious note bloggers and curators serve as the middle man to information and readers or spectators. A perfect example of a blogger or blog website that can be considered a curator is ME (lol). I filter information about entertainment news that surrounds hip hop and pop culture and distribute it to my readers. I like to consider myself a “content specialist” because I make sure that I give my readers the inside scoop of juicy gossip stories and I focus in on pop culture and I make it a point to only discuss these topics. Also, ” the curator’s primary function is as a subject specialist, with the expectation that he or she will conduct original research on objects and guide the organization in its collecting.” So to further explain, I consider my blog Urban Manner to be the collection and the juicy gossip I talk about as the original research. Thus, making me a bomb blogger who is putting the title curator before my name. So for now on call me Curator Miss Bombshell

I Know Your Tired of Annotated Bibs!

Levon Lloyd, Prachi Kaulgud, Steven Skiena. “Newspapers Vs. Blogs: Who Gets The Scoop”. www.cs.sunysb.edu/~skiena/lydia/blogs. 2005.  Department of Computer Science

State University of New York at Stony Brook

This article compiles evidence and analysis as to why newspapers are declining and by blogs are the go to outlet for news. This article doesn’t point why there is such a divide but it focuses on facts and studies of readers and the audiences that newspaper and blogs attract. It also sheds light on how blogging impacts and affects newspapers and vice versa. Because when newspapers run a story it becomes a bloggers job to ask the questions that the people want to know which causes newspapers to give more information on that story. Basically this article shows the ways in which blogs and newspapers actually help each other out even when the two outlets think they are against each other. Also this article makes reference as to why readership of blogs by people are into pop culture is higher and why readership of newspapers by people are in to politics and serious news is higher. But overall this article shows factual evidence based on a study as to why readership can be up or down when it comes to newspapers and blogs.

Whats Social?

So everyone knows that social media has taken over the 21st century and has even become the outlet where most people go to get their daily news. This major powerhouse of connecting to others across the world has become the go to for all things. So social media defined would have to mean the web based outlets in which people connect, communicate, and receive information. And we all know the head bosses in this social media world are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  So when thinking about if blogs should be considered a part of this social media world I say why not. Blogging is a outlet where people get their news and are able to connect with others through their post on comments. Blogs also allow for people from all over the world to connect through the web on this one site where communication is promoted.

Social media is meant to encourage web interaction and be the go to place for people to receive news and information. And a blog is meant to do all those things. Blogs are sites that are created by a person who intends to distribute news that they feel is important to people who share their same interest. Thus making a blog a social media site that has a target audience and specific content.

Who knew the law would cause such a big divide?

Keliher, Michael. “Duets Blog: Is a Blogger a Journalist”. http://www.minnpost.com/minnesota-blog-cabin/2010/05/duets-blog-blogger-journalist . May 25, 2010. Minnesota Blog Cabin

In this article the author seems to be in favor of journalist as being the dominant force when it comes to who should be considered a writer. But the author takes a turn when making reference as to why the line has been drawn in the sand and why there is even a distinction between the two sources of writers. He states that consumers of news rely primary on journalist of newspapers and magazines rather than bloggers because they can trust their information being that their work is published in a prominent source. And also argues that bloggers can be bribed and persuaded into writing good things when reviewing such things like hotels, books, albums, etc. Also the author bases his claims on the standards that the FTC holds bloggers to. He states, “The FTC seems to view bloggers as second-class citizens of the journalism community…” This article takes the direction of placing the blame on the law as to why there is even a divide between bloggers and journalist.