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Dear President

Dear President,

Having a social media website will bring great benefits to this company. Not only will it get more widely know across the Internet it can potentially increase your sales and profits overall.  More and more people will start learning about our company and the great community services we provided to our community. In addition, our products are going to be widely known which we can expand the business and create also a virtual store, where thousands and thousands of individuals can order their own products through our website. Imagine having two stores but actually only paying for one? Which would be the one that we are having in New York City. Furthermore, increasing this presence online can also spark many other businesses ideas to buy our stuff in bulk or even try to sell some of our items for us. 

President, I believe the opportunity is knocking in our door and we must take this challenge. In the beginning is going to be a little hard setting everything up, but my expertise’s in this field will help a lot.  We can make this business grow and that is through our social presence online!

[B]l0G 2 [V]l0G

Respond in a post on the course blog: If your blog could evolve to something off the page (doesn’t necessarily have to be a book or a magazine), what could you see it becoming?

I think my DIY blog would be best suited to a vlog- not necessarily my face and me talking about the crafts, but just filming as I do them step by step. This would probably be the best actually, more than a written blog. it would probably be easier for users to follow along and see exactly what I am doing. However, if you try to follow along you either have to keep pausing or try to remember what I am saying. So maybe a little list of the steps in the description of the video would work best. I love watching youtube videos of how to do crafts. Strangely I have never seen youtube cooking videos, so maybe the cooking half of my blog would get a lot of views. Now I will have to look up cooking youtube videos after class… There are probably so many great videos and ideas out there of food! I try to be a little funny sometimes in my blog to stay interesting but in real life no one ever laughs at me so I don’t think my vlog would be popular 😦



WoodBury:Fight the Dead Fear the Living

  • Our community does not allow children under the age of ten or elders unless they have skills we require or need.
  • Our environment is out skirted with the heads of zombies we have killed to warn off potential enemies and other zombies.

Blog Breakdown


  • Lessons on weapon use by professors Darryl  and Michonne who is skilled in using a bow and arrow and sword. Daryl_Dixon_(TV_Series)
  • Lessons on medicine and how to fix battle wounds by Professor Hirschel
  • Lessons on being a gatherer for medicine and food needs by Professors Glenn and Maggie
  • Maggie-and-Glenn-Season-4-Promo-Photo-the-walking-dead-35070727-470-750

Council Page

This page is where people in the community can find the members who make up our council who make the decisions for the town. Also they can find the dates and times of when the council meetings will be held.

Obituary Page

This is where we honor the dead and recognize their many contributions to Woodbury and where people in the town can find the dates and times of the funeral service.


Bloggers and the Truth

I was never really into reading blogs, but I did kind of watch vlogs on youtube during high school. Most of them were on games or tech, and it usually boiled down to someone reviewing a product of some sort. Now, I never looked to see if that youtuber specifically said they got whatever they were reviewing for free, but it was usually pretty easy to tell if they did. For example, there’s one gamer girl (who I have no respect for) who made a review for a piece of Razer hardware. The entire video, she only had good things to say about it, and it ended up just being her talking about how she loved her new toy. I thought the product must have been really good, until I realized that she did the same thing for EVERY piece of hardware she reviewed. My conclusion? She disclosed the fact that she pretty much got everything for free. I don’t know what legal troubles that come with not disclosing that information, but I think it’s extremely unfair to withhold that information from viewers.

There’s a level of trust between blogger/vlogger and viewer, and blatantly lying for the bells and whistles that come with it is unforgivable in my opinion. That’s why I believe bloggers should say whether or not they bought the device or product with their own money. There’s another vlogger that I follow (Marques Brownlee) who I consider one of the most entertaining and trustworthy users on youtube. The reason why is that he tells his viewers when he buys a product or when he gets something for free. While he might not review the bad side of things in every video, he at least makes an effort to point out issues he has with certain devices, even if he really likes it. I know I can always trust a review from him because he’s passionate about what he does. However, I am a little worried about the factual side of things. Checking whether information is correct or not can be a real pain when it comes with technology. Marques is nice enough to edit his videos to say when he’s made a mistake on something, but not all youtubers and bloggers do this. I think that bloggers need to do a sufficient amount of research when posting or vlogging about something, but I don’t expect it to be perfect. Like any journalist, bloggers have a schedule they need to keep up with, and time is not something that can be thrown around recklessly. I think writing good, interesting stories is more important than making sure a single article is perfect. While some might disagree with me, quality doesn’t always have priorities over quantity.

Back Check For My Fact Check

In “Fact Checking at The New Yorker”, it discusses the importance and roles of fact checkers who basically spend their time going over published works to make sure the information, sources, times, and other things are correct. This idea of checking your work could be applied to blogging because like any other written work eras are bound to happen whether its misspelling a word or having a typo that changes the story just a little. The idea that people like this even exist was amazing to me because I did not know this was actually a job. I just thought news sources and journalist checked their own work and corrected it themselves if need be. But anyway, this concept of having someone else check your work could be very viable especially to bloggers because it allows to minor mistakes to be corrected and keeps the credibility of bloggers information trustworthy by readers. Because no reader wants to visit a site that gives information that is misleading or wrong due to something as minor as a wrong date. Therefore, fact checking could be essential the credibility of a blog and also could make it easier on readers to trust the information from blogs rather than solely rely on newspapers.

Live Blogging Good or Bad?

Live blogging is a writing that is happening on the moment whether it is news, shows or even an event. When I first came a cross a live blogging I thought it was very interesting and wanted to keep looking at it more. There are various types of live blogging and I must say I was very impressed with the ones I watched such as the sports and certain TV shows live blogs. But, there is also other types of live blogging that can be very opinionated and also biased. This types of live blogs can definitely alter how I might look into the information and also change my perception of something I love dearly.  It can either make me go against what I thought I loved or it can me hate that live blogging a lot and also it can also make me pursue my loving topic much more as well. 

Positive os live blogging is that it will keep me updated what is happening on the event. Maybe I am at work and can’t watch TV I can simply find a live blog where I will be able to read live time data from what is happening during the event. This is very good because it can make one very informative and also in the loop of what is happening. Live blogging can be very convenient. 

Little Blogger Fish in a Big Sea

So BlogHer seems to be this website that is a wall full of bog post that are from different bloggers. It separates post by topic and categories and gives readers easy access to all different kinds of post. But, I do feel as if BlogHer has a few flaws when it comes to it being an asset to individual bloggers because of the amount of content displayed on one page, it is a greater chance that a bloggers post may be over looked. As a reader of blogs I never want to be overwhelmed with information and the BlogHer site has so much information displayed on one page I have no idea where my attention should go. So this becomes a problem for bloggers who want to gain exposure from joining a site like BlogHer because it doesn’t guarantee that a bloggers post will be read or even noticed. But as far BlogHer leveraging social media I am not really sire because I didn’t see anything that connected the site to social media outlets such as twitter or facebook. But I do think that individual bloggers could create a presence on social media sites by using the idea of networking.

Also, if I was to create a network of blogs where my blog would fit in, it would be a network of Hip Hop lovers who also love the idea of being the go to site for all things in entertainment news ranging from gossip to fashion. It would be a atmosphere where hip hop lovers bring back the feel of old school hip hop that was birth in the 80s era. It would be a community that supports each other by showing that people within the world of hip hop can come together and be about more than just violent lyrics and beefing