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Best Practices for Commenting

  • Moderate your cursing (use your judgement when including curse words)
  • Keep the comment shorter than the post
  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar
  • Be respectful
  • Don’t spam – avoid multiple comments/advertising
  • No trolling – don’t be a jerk/don’t make death threats
  • Be relevant
  • Follow the rules of the blog
  • No plagiarism
  • Don’t spread rumors/don’t be quick to judge
  • Don’t hide behind anonymity but don’t give out your entire identity
  • Know when to stop a debate
  • Add constructive content
  • If you wouldn’t do it in person, DON’T do it online

What Is a Blog?

“A blog is a form of self expression although it is done over the internet as opposed to in person.” – Teddy R.

“…a blog is a website in which a user can create posts for a certain topic to share with a certain audience.” – Hirsh G.

“A blog is an internet format for displaying and providing information on a chosen topic.” – Michael D.

“A blog is an online medium which has gained popularity in recent years as one of the main ways in which information is presented on the web.” – Wilson C.

“A blog is a way to freely express yourself on the Internet.” – Evan H.

“A blog is a place for people to share their words and thoughts with an interested audience.” – Monique G.

“…a simple space where you can contribute information or your opinion on a certain topic.” – Donna G.

“…a blog is like a magazine. It’s a tool where the editor can share their interests and expand them anytime.” – Jordanna O.

“Blogs can also convey information with illustrations, videos, and almost any other alternative to writing the author can conjure up.” – Ellie

“People can also use blogs to read about things they are interested in.” – Lauren C.

“A blog is a place where everyone who loves keeping tabs with everything they love come together.” – Lisa K.

“…a digital recreation of the blogger’s mind, one that is easily accessible on the web at all times.” – Matthew L.

“…a way to express anything to an unlimited userbase and audience.” – Brian M.

“Blogs are a more casual form of writing and encourage readers to take part through comments.” – Megan M.

“…like the newest edition of a newspaper. It takes the old idea of journalism and flips it on its head.” – Skylar A.

“…a website where an author posts stories or personal statements about a specific subject.” – Hillary E.

“A blog is an area where a person is able to write about a topic on the Internet; others are able to read the writer’s blog, and it can be about anything.” – Yadybel A.

“…a person or group of persons, or even a company, who share information and ideas via the web.” – Karen C.

“They [blogs] are better when they have a focus.” – Kat T.