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Internet Impressions: take control of yours.

“all citizens, no matter how obscure, will have to adjust their behavior to the possibility that someone may be writing about them”
Jeffrey Rosen

To an extent I believe that this ideology should be followed. However this is something that has always been in play. You should adjust your behavior to the possibility of anything. It’s all about the impression you leave on someone. You do it all the time; You’re on your best behavior when you meet her parents or put on a face (not neccesarily a farce) when you go to be interviewed. The fact is you are always being judged and someone will inevitably gossip about you and your behaviors. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a blog or written in a journal. You should always want to present yourself to be a certain way in public. Why should that change at all with the addition of blogs? Sure it’s a different medium that more people have access to however if you follow this ideology you won’t have to worry about anything.

So yes you should adjust your behavior for how you want to be perceived but considering the work wide web, I feel that your identity should be kept private if you want it to be. You should have total and complete control over your identity on the internet and if someone else puts out any sort of personal information out there, you should have the right to make them take it down or at least simply take your identity away from whatever they wrote.

Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online

Rainie Lee, Kiesler Sara, Kang Ruogu, Madden Mary. “Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online.” Pew Research Center. 5 Sept. 2013. Online. 12 Sept. 2013. <http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2013/Anonymity-online.aspx>

For this annotated bibliography, I looked at the other side of the argument on why people prefer to anonymous. It mostly has to do with privacy and security over the web. The Pew Research Center, in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University, researched around 700 different users and monitored their activity online. What they found was that many people try to cover up their online footprints by deleting cookies and passwords, as well as changing things they might have posted in the past. In this case, it is not so much about feeling empowered on the internet, but feeling safer. No one wants to get their credit card information stolen because they were irresponsible with how they handled their online identity. Anonymity gives people a sense of security; it could also be the reason why some people feel brave enough to harass others. The research does not directly relate to that subject, but I can see how I could use it in my paper. A vast majority of the people who participated in the research stated that they should be able to be anonymous online. For them, it is almost like a given right to do what they want on the internet without being judged. Furthermore, young adults were found to be the most likely to use some sort of method to hide their identities. The article continues to talk about how privacy is a major issue and that many still feel like there are not enough laws put in place to protect one’s privacy on the internet. I find this fascinating, as it is still very easy to anonymously interact with others online. I want to do more research on the psychology behind being completely anonymous, as that seems to be what most people want when it comes to surfing the web.

We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World

Cadwalladr, Carole. “We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of Lulzsec, Anonymous and the Global Cyber Insurgency by Parmy Olson – review.” The Observer. 17 Aug. 2013. Web. 26 Sept. 2013. <http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/aug/18/we-are-anonymous-parmy-olson-review>

The article discusses the recent rise in popularity of an anonymous hacker group know as “Anonymous”. Masked behind the internet, this group of individuals attack specific companies and groups to help raise awareness of controversial social issues surrounding these groups. Their methods are often questionable and extreme, but it is usually done for a good cause. The group has evolved from simple 4chan hackers to a global organization that coordinates attacks against powers like the North Korean propaganda accounts. The article brings up a good point about cyber terrorism. While it might not be a big deal in some countries, it could land you in prison in America. Anonymity on the internet gives people the courage to do crazy things they wouldn’t normally do online. What’s more interesting is that groups like Anonymous attract so many people because they know the risk of getting in trouble is much lower. In a sense, they lose their own individuality and become a part of a greater mass. While one or two members might get caught, the idea of Anonymous will always remain on the internet. It’s one of the very reasons why I feel that anonymity is too strong of a privilege to give people.

Copyrights Done Right: Advantages of Creative Commons

Using creative commons media allows you to legally share media that you don’t own. When searching for different forms of media on the web you don’t always know what you can and can’t share and even though people share it anyway sometimes it’s not what the owner of the media wants. When you search creative commons for media it filters out the media that you can use automatically, you just have to make sure you give credit to the original owner.

As a blogger I’ve already taken advantage of creative commons. After it was presented in class I started to add on all my different blogs a little image provided by creative commons that lets the visitors on my blog know how I want my work to be shared. This makes me much more comfortable knowing that my work won’t be modified, used for profit,  and will be credited to me. Additionally when creating blogs I can find media that I am allowed to use and credit them properly. I feel that this makes my blog much more professional and hopeful will attract more users to visit my blog.

As a user seeing people adhering to creative commons licenses is also beneficial. If I like an image they used on their blog I can find the original author and possibly find more of their work. This also allows to me know how I am allowed to share other people’s works as well. I will be able to know for sure whether or not I can modify or use something for profit through these licenses.

Blogging Molds to You

How can a person adjust his/her level of blogging based on his/her experience with technology?

No one blog is the same because every blogger is unique. There are many ways to create and maintain a blog. It’s how you go about doing so that very much depends on your experience with technology.

First off there are many platforms of which you can go to for the creation of your blog. These platforms provide you with the tools you need to make your blog. Some platforms are more user friendly so that you have a quick and easy blogging experience, such as tumblr. Other blogging sites are a bit more complicated with more customization giving a more organized way of blogging, an example being wordpress. One simply has to chose which blogging platform best suites their technological skills and blogging needs.

One can also, instead of going by the user interface of a platform, evaluate how much of a presence technology has in their life. Let’s say you have a tablet, smart phone and laptop computer, you might want to be able to blog from all three devices so you would choose a blogging platform that is compatible though out all of them. For this one might settle for Twitter or tumblr to satiate their blogging needs. These kinds of blogging platforms are a little less complicated and professional, so in gaining the advantage of being able to utilize the technology you have you would adjust your level of blogging to the limitations that the platform provides you with.

If you have a greater experience with technology you may want to self host a blog. This method of blogging allows you to be much more free with the customization of your blog without being bogged down by the limitations of the host. It is very complicated from what I can tell but I’m sure many people do use this kind of blog.

I don’t think you really adjust your blogging to match your experience with technology per say because you mold your blog to fit you.