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Girls Don’t Blog About World of Warcraft

I thought there would be many other blogs like the one I want to make but it was surprisingly hard to find three blogs of girls playing world of warcraft.

This first one is the closest to what I would like to do.

WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

From what I can tell through the posts I’ve skimmed through this blog is made by a 26 year old woman. She posts about different aspects of World of Warcraft and mainly uses it in search of feedback. She mentions things she did recently in the game or asks if anyone wants to join to play with her or other such things like attend Blizzcon. Another interesting post was asking people to post outfits of their characters which I thought was really cool. She’s actively posting now and is in the same situation as I am, a college student.

Girl Meets WoW

This next blog has been inactive for a few years but the posts she has on it are still useful and a good guideline for what I may do with my blog. The creator talks more about the patches that come out for the gams and goal levels she has for her characters which I thought was interesting. She also recounts cool experiences she’s had in the game.



This last one isn’t really about the blog but more about the blog post that I found.  AwkwardGeekyGirl on wordpress talks about the idea that people who play World of Warcraft are not addicted to it. It’s an argument that has been around for some time because there have been extreme cases of addiction for it, but a majority of players are not. We just enjoy the video game. I might talk about my venture into World of Warcraft and make a log of hours playing and my feelings about playing just to add something else to the blog.


The name is Donna. Currently I’m an undergraduate enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University New Brunswick.  I’m a senior and this year is quite exciting. I am majoring in Geography taking the environmental track as well as completing a Certificate in International Geographic Perspectives for the major. So what am I doing in a creative writing course about blogging? I’m also minoring in both music and english. I love to write creatively and I find blogging to be an interesting outlet to do so.

I’m pretty diverse with my interests as you could tell with my major and minors. The first thing I’d like to confess though, is that I have a small obsession with anime. And when I say small, I mean colossal. I can’t count how many series I’ve watched. My favorite that I still watch is One Piece but I definitely have other favorites, like some that are only 26 episodes as opposed to 600. I’m kind of a geek, nerd, dork… whatever you’d like to call it. I love video games too, though I haven’t been too much into them since college started. I did have a little excursion with World Of Warcraft for a bit. It’s a fun MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and I’d still play it if I had the time and money but I’m not one of those people to get sucked into it and give up anything and everything to play it.


Next I’m a Rutgers Marching Scarlet Knight. I’ve played tRUmpet for 12 years now and of those 12 this year will be the eighth year that I am marching. I love this sport, and yes it is indeed a sport. So if you go to football games keep an eye out for me! Being in the band here at Rutgers University really was a life changer. You meet so many friends while doing something you love! It’s great! The Rutgers Marching Band also led me to becoming a Brother Mu Beta Psi the National Honorary Music Service Fraternity. And yes I said Brother and Fraternity! We’re coeducation because a musician is a musician. I honestly can’t imagine where I would be right now had I not done all these things.


My favorite genre of music is alternative but I also like punk rock, rock ‘n’ roll, ska and other sorts of music that would be closely related to those categories. I don’t really have a favorite band or a favorite song. I simply like what I like at the time. More often than not though I like songs I don’t know the names to because they were the ones I would hear on the radio as a kid but just never listened to when they announced the song title and artist. Here is my ‘favorite’ song for the time being. Dear Agony

The last fun fact I’ll leave you with is that I am Polish! The title to this post says “hello” but its more of a “hey!” I myself am American born but my father was born in Poland. My mother has polish roots on her side but was American born as well. I’m 100% Polish! I’ve lived with my Father though for most of my life and my step-mother was also born in Poland so even though I’m not completely fluent I can basically understand everything with a few exceptions. I can also kind of read and write it!

Miło cię poznać!
(It’s nice to meet you!)