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Different Blogs for Different People

As we were shown before, there are different blogging websites that can be fore people who are at different levels of blogging with technology. People who are more knowledgeable with technology can have different gadgets and tools on their blogs. Although it would probably cost more to add these gadgets, i think the bloggers would benefit from a blog that is more on their technological and advanced level. They can add things like music or make a page like spotify. People who are more advanced in technology should have their own url like the MTV and Forbes pages. They can organize the layout however they’d like and make it look however they want. It is easier to customize a blog if you’re more aware of how to use the advanced technology needed. I personally am just happy using my beginner blogging technology. There are other things that can be added to it like layouts and formats. It is a little more expensive in my opinion because I tried adding music to instantly play on my blog and they were trying to charge me. The blog like MTV that we were shown had a layout like a magazine with its own background and format style. Forbes had a style that was much more serious and professional. If you are not very familiar with technology (like me) than you can use the simple word press website which is pretty standard to use. This website is easy to understand and its layout. If you are a little more advanced than the typical log format on word press, than you can use wordpress.org. This website was a little more advanced in layout and how to use it but I couldn’t keep up so I cant explain that to you. There are other blogging websites out there like the Blogger which is a part of Google. This is good for advertising your blog. Tumbler is a form of a blog called a microblog. I think this is used for people who aren’t really interested in consistently blogging. This website makes it easy to share your information with others but it makes it difficult to follow along with what a blogger is saying. It also makes it hard to add the blog to your RSS. Anyone is capable to finding out how to use these blogs by educating yourself through google. Anyone can easily google how to use these blogs and I’m sure there is a way to learn. If you are not interested in learning wordpress.com is just fine to use. It has a dashboard and it is easy to view the posts that are on the blog. These blogs have a front and a back page where you can see what every one else is seeing as oppose to what you see behind the scenes. Any blog takes some time to get used to if you are not familiar with using blogs. Either way, there is something out there for people at different technological levels.

Sing Me To Sleep…On A Blog

There is a blog that I am following called Indie Music. I like this blog because it posts up really frequently and it ha a lot of bands and music that I have never heard of before. I love the fact that they post the videos of the songs that they are talking about and put their opinion on it. They give a little background info on the artist too. These are all things that I want to do on my blog. The one thing that I don’t like is that it is not in english so to read this blog I have to translate it.

There is this alternative music blog that I follow called Alternative music Project. I can read this blog because it is in spanish. They post every once in a while but not as often as the Indie Blog. They have really good alternative music reviews with bands to watch out for like Vampire Weekend and a couple other bands that I have not heard of. Even thought this blog is in spanish they talk about a lot of music in english. They also post bands that are in other languages. I don’t really like that so I wont do that. I thin they should just stick to one language because I am not sure who they want their audience to be.

The last blog that I follow that is related to my personal blog is Screamo-Post-Hardcore. I like this blog because it shows the new releases of the artists and bands that fall under this category. This blog actually is in english.  I like the fact that they show the pictures of the albums but I hate that they don’t post a review.

Censoring on a Blog

There can be opinions or news that can have a negative affect on the audience or the author; the information on a blog should be censored if the information can affect the safety or the well being of either the author or the audience