Blogs in the Classroom

From blackboards to overhead projectors, technology keeps improving and expanding throughout the years. Today, we see a wide variety of ways teachers and professors decide to run their lessons. Blogging has swept these new forms of teaching and skyrocketed in the past 7 years. Technology has evolved to such lengths, that any classroom has a computer for students to use. Blogging is the modern form of the blackboard grasping students attention in a form that they are use to due to their everyday interactions of social media & technology.


  1. lawirstiuk

    I like this, but I want you to also acknowledge the other side – what are the possible negatives of blogs in the classroom? You will probably want to include them as well and then come to a final decision about how they can work in a classroom.

    • jordannao

      Professor, I definitely agree with you! Blogs in the classroom are not the perfect tool, looking at the negative side is an important aspect to look at it. Should I include that on my thesis or just leave it to talk on my paragraphs?

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