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Girls Don’t Blog About World of Warcraft

I thought there would be many other blogs like the one I want to make but it was surprisingly hard to find three blogs of girls playing world of warcraft.

This first one is the closest to what I would like to do.

WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

From what I can tell through the posts I’ve skimmed through this blog is made by a 26 year old woman. She posts about different aspects of World of Warcraft and mainly uses it in search of feedback. She mentions things she did recently in the game or asks if anyone wants to join to play with her or other such things like attend Blizzcon. Another interesting post was asking people to post outfits of their characters which I thought was really cool. She’s actively posting now and is in the same situation as I am, a college student.

Girl Meets WoW

This next blog has been inactive for a few years but the posts she has on it are still useful and a good guideline for what I may do with my blog. The creator talks more about the patches that come out for the gams and goal levels she has for her characters which I thought was interesting. She also recounts cool experiences she’s had in the game.



This last one isn’t really about the blog but more about the blog post that I found. ¬†AwkwardGeekyGirl on wordpress talks about the idea that people who play World of Warcraft are not addicted to it. It’s an argument that has been around for some time because there have been extreme cases of addiction for it, but a majority of players are not. We just enjoy the video game. I might talk about my venture into World of Warcraft and make a log of hours playing and my feelings about playing just to add something else to the blog.