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Make Me Over

Its a very popular thing for bloggers to evolve their brand and blog by making it a video blog. Its simple, to just make the post you created into a video clip and taking the time to edit it. I’ve even considered evolving my brand and blog by creating a video version of my blog that would allow me to further connection with my readers and give my post life and depth. I wouldn’t solely depend on blogging or video but I would make it a collaborative effort so that I gain the benefits from both.

Since my blog is about the culture of hip hop and my love for celebrity gossip I have so many video ideas that revolve around interviewing people and elaborating more on my post. I could interview readers or people who have something to say about my Hot in Hip Hop segment on my blog which simply is a post about what’s going on in hip hop whether its a album release, tour dates, or beef between artist. Also, I could further my blog by including more styles and fashion tips that would work collaboratively with my Hot Sugar category on my blog and my video could show different styles and body types wearing the same outfit just in different ways. And, I could further explain why I gave a particular celebrity the Ratchet Award of the Week because my post about this category seems to be a little dry due to the fact I cant ever find a way to get how I really feel out in the post and I think it would do the post justice if the reads could see my expressions.

Thus, I could see my blog becoming something huge and major if I added the vlogging aspect and allowed readers to contribute to my video ideas. I think that its great that bloggers have so many outlets to enhance their blog while still keeping truth to the message and topic they started with. I also feel that every blog could benefit from adding the video aspect to their blog not only to add depth but to also have the readers feel more connected being that they finally get a chance to put a face to the post they reader on a daily basis. So I guess my blog will be going through a make over and Urban Manner will be transformed from the girl the popular girl in middle school to the popular girl in high school.

Live in full Affect

So we all know I love all things hip hop and anything and everything that has to do with celebrity gossip. But the ultimate heaven moment would be if i could get gossip and hip hop news while its happening. Who wouldn’t love to hear that Miley Cyrus is in rehab as soon as she steps foot into the rehab center? Or who wouldn’t love to know which celebrity is acting a drunken mess at a club while its actually going on? This idea of live blogging would  be the ultimate ideal news situation, meaning its real news at real time. The benefits of live blogging would be that its fast, up to date, constant, and allows readers to rely on one source for all the information as it is happening in real time. The negatives of live blogging would be that its not 100 percent accurate being that the blogger wouldn’t have the full story in one post and things as well as situations can change making it hard to keep up with the constant updates of stories.  But with news and reporting news we all know its not perfect and everything has flaws. But none the less I am a firm believer that live blogging is the future of news because as a society today we crave knowing things right away due to the fast paste lifestyles and multitasking we do on a regular basis.