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From A Computer Screen to Your TV Screen

If my blog were to come off of the computer screeen, I could see it as a talk show. My blog is similar to Real Time With Bill Maher and The Daily Show┬áin that I follow political news and then give it a humerous spin. These shows also have had sucessful books, so I assume that my blog could also be a book as well. But that’s just thinking big. Most likely my blog would shift into Youtube videos. A similar comedian blogger from Cleveland has this similar approach to Ohio politics, but he primarily covers sports, and he recently got his own local TV show. I could see my blog running that kind of a path, but then again there are numerous blogs that are kind of like mine, though less with a focus on Ohio politics, so it would depend mostly on the sucess of the blog on whether it would become a book or a tv show. People enjoy political news and comedy, evident from the success of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, and I think overall there could be a good market for a blog such as mine to become a more mainstream commercial journalism entertainment.

Tues Nov 5 at 10:17 AM | LIVE BLOGGING

Live blogging can definitely have its benefits, but like pretty much everything in the world it also has negatives. Live blogging is first of all extremely fun and interactive. Some blogs I follow live blog TV shows that I watch, and its so entertaining to read the posts during commercials and laugh if I had the same reactions as other people. It’s almost like you are all in the same room watching it. It also gives you different perspectives on how other people think about a big plot event. However, this can have its downsides if I am at work and unable to watch the show. I might check my blog feed on break (or while I’m working… whatevs) and see all the spoilers of the show. Similarly, I like to read live blog posts when comic con is going on and there is an event for one of my shows. Since I can’t be there, it is really cool to still get the info right away. However, it can be confusing when people post differing information or aren’t as fast as you’d like them to b. It becomes unclear what the truth is, and you’re stuck wondering in suspense.
A cool thing about twitter is interacting with celebrities. One of the actors from my favorite show always tweets a little while the show is airing, and its never necessarily spoilers, but his reactions to himself and his cast are so great! It makes you feel like I said earlier, that you are watching the show with the bloggers and in this case makes it seem like I’m watching with the actor. It gives a new feeling to watching the show, as if you are bff with the man on the screen.