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Blogging Molds to You

How can a person adjust his/her level of blogging based on his/her experience with technology?

No one blog is the same because every blogger is unique. There are many ways to create and maintain a blog. It’s how you go about doing so that very much depends on your experience with technology.

First off there are many platforms of which you can go to for the creation of your blog. These platforms provide you with the tools you need to make your blog. Some platforms are more user friendly so that you have a quick and easy blogging experience, such as tumblr. Other blogging sites are a bit more complicated with more customization giving a more organized way of blogging, an example being wordpress. One simply has to chose which blogging platform best suites their technological skills and blogging needs.

One can also, instead of going by the user interface of a platform, evaluate how much of a presence technology has in their life. Let’s say you have a tablet, smart phone and laptop computer, you might want to be able to blog from all three devices so you would choose a blogging platform that is compatible though out all of them. For this one might settle for Twitter or tumblr to satiate their blogging needs. These kinds of blogging platforms are a little less complicated and professional, so in gaining the advantage of being able to utilize the technology you have you would adjust your level of blogging to the limitations that the platform provides you with.

If you have a greater experience with technology you may want to self host a blog. This method of blogging allows you to be much more free with the customization of your blog without being bogged down by the limitations of the host. It is very complicated from what I can tell but I’m sure many people do use this kind of blog.

I don’t think you really adjust your blogging to match your experience with technology per say because you mold your blog to fit you.