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The Age of Blogging(?)

I believe that the internet is a place where anyone can come and share their thoughts. It’s a place to vent and a place to discover. That being said, I think that people won’t change their behavior because of blogging. It’s a little bit absurd to think that at every given moment, someone is writing something bad about someone else in a blog. Not everyone is a ridiculous blogger who HAS to share every encounter in their life with their audience. In actuality, I think people have already adjusted their behavior to the whole technology boom that’s currently going on. I see pictures from parties getting uploaded all the time with people crazy drunk. If this is the type of behavior that Rosen believes people will be adjusting to because of blogging, then it is clear that the behavioral shift has already occurred. So many different parts of people’s lives are shared on the internet that blogging is just another outlet for this expression. To say that people will behave differently solely because of blogging is an overstatement in my opinion; the internet has already drastically altered how we interact with one another.

Blogging probably wouldn’t even have the same effect that pictures or videos have on someone’s image. Writing about how an ex-boyfriend was involved in a drug cartel probably won’t have the same impact as a picture of him with 20 pounds of crack in his arms. That example is a little extreme, but my point is that people can write lies all the time when they blog. If someone is blogging about secrets for companies that could potentially hurt the business, then yes, something has to be done. However, I don’t think people are that gullible to believe everything they see on the internet. If it has to do with sex or whatever, then the blogger should reconsider what they are blogging about. The thing about blogging is that it’s going to be different for every person. If you put pictures up that show how this one girl you hate is being a total slut, then of course that is going too far (the girl should really reconsider her life choices as well). But if blogs get so personal that people will be personally affected at work, then the bloggers need to adjust their behavior, not ordinary citizens. Those are just my thoughts on the subject after reading the article.