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Blogging Is Not Replacing Journalism But Challenging It

Haas, Tanni. “From “Public Journalism” To The “Public’s Journalism”? Rhetoric And Reality In The Discourse On Weblogs.” Journalism Studies6.3 (2005): 387-396. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 1 Nov. 2013.

Demonstrates that the question of what is better in forms of communication has been debated for years so journalism and blogging is not the start of this debate. New forms of communication challenge the current ones. The author argues that weblogs do not move away from older forms of communication but instead challenges them. The author demonstrates similarities between “mainstream media” as a blogosphere and between the journalistic practices of “mainstream” news organizations and individual blogs. They mention how weblogs allow ordinary citizens to write posts but also points out how large mainstream news organizations have also resorted to blogging. Observers note that compared to mainstream organizations weblogs “facilitate a decentralized, bottom-up approach to news reporting by turning traditionally passive news consumers into active news producers”.