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Live Blogging Good or Bad?

Live blogging is a writing that is happening on the moment whether it is news, shows or even an event. When I first came a cross a live blogging I thought it was very interesting and wanted to keep looking at it more. There are various types of live blogging and I must say I was very impressed with the ones I watched such as the sports and certain TV shows live blogs. But, there is also other types of live blogging that can be very opinionated and also biased. This types of live blogs can definitely alter how I might look into the information and also change my perception of something I love dearly.  It can either make me go against what I thought I loved or it can me hate that live blogging a lot and also it can also make me pursue my loving topic much more as well. 

Positive os live blogging is that it will keep me updated what is happening on the event. Maybe I am at work and can’t watch TV I can simply find a live blog where I will be able to read live time data from what is happening during the event. This is very good because it can make one very informative and also in the loop of what is happening. Live blogging can be very convenient. 


Live Blogging, The New Trend

“Live blogs provide commentary and analysis alongside breaking news rather than summarizing the event after it is over” is the description of live blogging as defined by Roy Greenslade. Live blogging has become a huge trend especially to this new generation where the majority is always on the go and multi tasking.  In other words, Live blogging is a quick and easy way to get current information about what is happening in less time rather than wait a few hours to read a large text and this is exactly why is has be shown the high demand and the popularity of live blogging.

Roy brings a great point up describing that Live blogging provides the reader with quick and accessible news at any place more specifically at work where reader are supposed to be working instead of reading the news.  I personally see this happening to many friends when they are in class and there is a very important soccer game on. Many of them access live blogging websites where they provide live news in of scores and key moves that is happening during the event. This type of website allows one to do two or more things at the same time such as writing an essay using half the screen and the other half of the screen reading quick phrases of scores and special actions taken during a certain game.

A second point that Roy brings that is extremely important that makes live blogging so popular is the idea of “involvement”. What does he mean by this? He states that readers don’t just simply watch or look at live blogs they also tend to get involved a lot of times by their comments.   Most live blogs that I have visited have a chat room on the side of the news where users are constantly chatting with one another and bringing up different comments and different ideas that have been just presented on the live blog.  This brings massive interaction and involvement between users and in addition it makes people more connected in a way.

Of course there are many advantages to live blogging, but we cannot forget the downsides of this new type of delivery information.  Roy emphasizes that the downside of this type of blogging is that the information a lot of times are not fully complete. Since the main goal is to provide quick and accessible news features, one might not get the full scope of the information like they would if they were live at the location or reading a full text on the topic.

I believe this type of blogging should not be the only source of information one should be reading. Instead readers should use live blogging as a foundation for the most recent information and latter read more about the news to fully understand what is happening and get the full insights about the information that they are reading.  If you haven’t tried yet live blogging, you should definitely experience this new way of getting quick and short information throughout the duration of an event or a news story that supports such platform.  You can even create your own live blog when doing a presentation and incorporate this type of tool. WordPress has its on plugin and below are a few websites that incorporates live blogging.


Jordanna Oliveira