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Annotated Bibliography 5

Chen, Gina Masullo.  “Why Do Women Write Personal Blogs?  Satisfying Needs for Self-Disclosure and Affiliation Tell Part of the Story”.  Computers in Human Behavior.  Volume 28.  (2012):  171-180.  Web.  24 October 2013.

This article discusses the reasons why women blog by directly asking women bloggers.  The author discusses three psychological needs as reasons why women might blog, reasons the women may not even realize themselves.  These reasons/needs are, need for self-disclosure, affiliation and achievement.  The author believes all women fill each of these needs to some degree, but that one reason/need will predominate in each woman.

What is Social Media?

I think social media is any forum online that has more than one participant.  It is a place where writers and readers alike can exchange conversation, comments, and ideas.  While social media is real time, at the moment, the past is usually accessible to view. This “old news” can become current news again if someone chooses to bring it back into current discussion.  Blogs are a form of social media.  They allow an exchange between writer and reader in the comment section of the blog.  Typically bloggers post on a regular basis, making what they post current information.  But, blogs also allow readers to go into a blog’s archives, allowing old information to be accessed.  Rehashing older blog information can make it new again.

Annotated Bibliography 4

Stavrositu, Carmen & Sundar, Shyam S.  Does Blogging Empower Women?  “Exploring the Role of Agency and Community”.  Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication  Volume 17.  Issue 4  (July 2012):  369-386.  Web.  17 Oct. 2012.

In changing my paper focus to what blogging does for women in general, this article defines two theories.  This article discusses how women who blog develop a strong sense of agency from blogging.  Blogging gives them a sense that they are competent and confident as well.  The article also discusses how blogging gives women a sense of community.  Readers are invited to interact with blogs in commenting.  By reading what other women have to say and feel, a sort of bonding occurs forming a community with fellow readers.

The Blog as a Multi-Dimensional Form

I do not think blogs are a form of linearity.  Linearity is one-dimensional.  I do not think any blogs are one-dimensional.  When you are reading a blog your eyes have different places to go. They don’t necessarily go from top straight down to the bottom.  There are usually places to look on the left and right.  Even looking from top to bottom there are usually things to divert your eyes to, such as pictures or perhaps text written differently than the body of the blog.  By adding video or music, yet another dimension is added to the blog.  Most blogs have category tabs and archive lists, as well as other features.  By clicking on any of these areas you are brought to another place on the blog.  This adds dimensionality.  Many bloggers add moving or changing banners or have the lead posts of the blog scroll at the top.  These devices add depth to the blog.  Even if a blogger did not have any of the features mentioned, dimensionality can still be achieved.  When a blogger simply adds color, a different font, or different size type to a blog, they have instantly moved out of the realms of linearity.

Annotated Biblioraphy 4

Cobe, Patricia.  I am Mommy Blogger, Hear Me Roar.  Restaurant Business. March 2012.  Web. 4 October 2013.

This article discussed how mom bloggers have an influence on their readers.  Many companies with products or services to sell, are calling upon mom bloggers to get the word  out on their product or service.  Companies are offering product for the mom bloggers to promote and give away on their blogs.  Research is indicating that many women on social media have a great deal of trust in the mom bloggers.  This makes them a great resource to help promote a company’s product or service.  This article backs up my thesis that “mommy bloggers” have a lot to offer out in the blogosphere.

Good Writing

I looked at a home decorating blog that I like to read called Home Stories A to Z. The post I read was about putting together a Halloween mantel.  It was a tutorial on how you can make a Halloween mantel similar to the blogger’s.  I like the voice of the blogger because it is casual and friendly.  Even thought this was an instructional post, the blogger still managed to add her personality into the instructions.  The post did not sound like an instruction manual.  Because this post was a tutorial there were a lot of specific instructions.  This is a good thing because you need specifics when trying to recreate something someone else has made.  The blogger’s instructions were in paragraph form.  I prefer to read any kind of instructions in a numbered list form, it’s easier to follow.  That’s my personal opinion.  What I liked about her post is she gave some alternatives if you did not have something she described.  So you could achieve the same goal the post was offering but could get there in a different way if necessary.  The writing in this post was definitely organized.  The blogger first gave a little background on why she wanted to make this Halloween mantel in particular, then went into listing the necessary supplies needed, and concluded with the detailed instructions.  To me, the writing in this post was good.  There was a logical order, the voice was friendly and energetic, and the ideas the blogger wrote about were clear and well thought out.

Annotated Bib 3

Crane, Connie Jeske.  “Social Media as a Feminist Tool.”  Herizons.  Volume 2.   Issue 2.  September 2012:  14-17.  Web.

Although this article does not directly discuss “mommy bloggers”, it does discuss women’s role in social media in general.  The article discusses how feminists in particular have been able to get immediate action to situations through social media.  Feminists have been able to get their information out on Facebook, Twitter, etc, to rally women together for particular causes and protests, and get immediate action from it.  After reading this article I am thinking of changing the focus of my paper to women and blogging in general as opposed to “mommy bloggers” in particular.