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A Peek Inside My Head

So I’ve never done an introductory post, so bear with me…


The birth certificate says Airayana, but I have an assortment of nicknames ranging from Yana to Willow.  I figure that I’ll suffer from some form of an identity crisis by the time I turn 20. Born and raised in Sacramento, California and now I’m living it up in New Jersey for college. My majors are Sociology and Journalism/Media with a minor in Social Justice, so just a heads up if my blog turns into a literary form of media activism.

Important things to know about me:

I’m a self-diagnosed TV Fanatic with an intense love for all things pop culture. I’m beyond obsessed with Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Revenge, Community, American Horror Story, Dexter, True Blood,Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Scandal, Dance Moms, The Walking Dead, and all things British television. Especially Misfits, Some Girls, My Mad Fat Diary, and Skins. But like I said, I’m a chronic TV watcher and I often find myself devouring shows liked I do food.

Like TV, music is also food for my soul. EDM to Rap… I love it all.The Top 5 Bands are Muse, Imagine Dragons, Bloc Party, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Anberlin. There’s much more, but there aren’t enough characters in the world to type all of that.
Bless you if you read all of this. Rambling is always the name of the game.

Anyways, enjoy this beast of a blog and feel free to talk to me anytime. 😀

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