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The Role of Technology in Blogging

One does not necessarily need to be an Internet wiz to successfully blog. The most important aspect of a blog is the context—the writing. Adding design and media that can be added to a page is simple and instructions are easily accessible, considering the Internet is literally right at our fingertips.

However, one can absolutely enhance a blog if he/she has an advanced experience with technology. There are different and complex forms of coding that can add something unique to a blog. In addition, heavy Internet use—in my opinion—is a form of technological experience. Users can learn a lot just from browsing the World Wide Web and can draw inspiration from advanced platforms and blogs.

On another note, as technology advances, bloggers can make adjustments to meet these changes. For example, smart phones have become a big part of our society. In turn, bloggers can adjust their blog to be smart-phone-friendly to make their page more accessible to readers. Being well-versed in the latest technology is helpful because it allows a blogger to take the view point of the reader and make a blog more exciting, new, and impressive—after all, standing out in the blogosphere is essential is one plans to make an impact.

Annotated Bib 1

Kelleher, Kevin. “How the Internet Changed Writing in the 2000s.” January 3, 2010. Web. September 19, 2013.


This article discussed how writing has evolved because of the Internet. The author writes about how people are now writing more and how as a result, writing becomes less strenuous. Important points that were made were that people’s brains react differently to what they’re reading on the Internet verses when they read tangible script—the internet form of reading is essentially skimming, which thus involves a different type of writing to successfully communicate with Internet readers. The author thus argues that the less formal form of writing on the Internet cannot be substituted for more traditional forms of writing because they are two different things. This is exactly what my thesis is about. In addition, the author uses examples and various studies that are helpful to my argument.

Blogs like mine

I plan on making a food blog focused on Brower Dining Commons.


The author of this blog, What I’m Eating in Singapore, writes about, obviously, what he’s eating in Singapore. Although Brower is not exactly Singapore, both of our food blogs are focused on a specific place. The difference, however, is that this blog features meals from various locations and resurants in Singapore. My blog will solely consist of foods from Brower but What I’m Eating in Singapore led me to consider featuring the other Rutgers dining locations. I liked that this blog had pictures of the food, which I absoltely plan on having as well. The pictures were captioned with despcriptions of the food which I will also include along with recipes. I can infer that the blogger does not have a large following just by the tone he uses. His posts are dull and uninvolved–they lack enthusiasm. In addition, the layout and the design of the blog was bland and uninviting. Knowing how easy it is to lose interest simply because of layout, I plan to make sure that mine is pleasing and easy to navigate.


I really liked this blog. The layout was very nice and professional and there was a navigation bar that included recipes, entertainment, drinks, and more. This inspires me because I originally had not planned on having multiple sections of my blog but I think it might be easier to read if I do. I’d like my blog to feature a recipe section, an entertainment section that includes playlists I hear at Brower, a section for reviews that I give some of the meals prepared there, a section for polls, and a section for other students to share their Brower experiences. I also liked how the blog fetured the nutrition facts of the food, something that I will look into adding to my blog as well. This blog posts daily, has multiple writers, and is much more complex and advanced than what I plan on doing. I do, however, draw inspiration from in.


I really liked this blog too. My favorite part was the recipe index because it gave me easy assess through links to all of her recipes. They were organized by appetizer, breakfast, side dishes, main dishes, and more. If I have enough posts, this is something that I would like to do. This blog had a nice layout and feel to it. Her tone was happy and excited as she shared her recipes and goals in her posts. I defintely want to convey a positive tone to my readers and fellow students.

Rough thesis statement

Some argue that the internet has affected our abilities to read and write. However, writing and reading on the internet versus physically writing and reading are two separate settings that thus require separate thought. In terms of blogging, the form in which bloggers and readers write is much more informal than the traditional and tangible ways of reading and writing. Blogging, thus, should not be viewed as subordinate to the more traditional forms of the written language, but rather as a different form. With this in mind, one cannot use written words and responses on blogs to determine that our society’s ability to read has shifted.

H3i guise

Hey, guys! I’m completely new to this whole blogging thing so just bare with me. My name is Giselle and I’m a sophomore here at RU with plans to major in communication and minor in anthropology. I’m super into music, fashion, and, of course, food. I work at Alexander on College Ave so if you see me at the front desk, feel free to say hi! 🙂

My friends and me at Firefly Music Festival.

My friends and me at Firefly Music Festival.

 Like I said, I love music. Going to concerts and festivals are some of my favorite things to do! My music taste is pretty eclectic but I tend to lean towards pop-rock. My favorite bands are the Shins and Vampire Weekend.

Just like any other 19-year old girly girl, I love fashion. My favorite designer is Marc Jacobs even though I own like zero of his things. I’m just a poor college student, ya know? I like to go to thrift stores and find unique things—I’m big into finding old jeans and cutting them up to make boyfriend jeans or cut-off shorts.

I’m also a big foodie. I will honestly eat just about anything as long as sundried tomatoes aren’t involved. I basically became I professional sandwich-maker from working at a sub shop so if you’re ever looking for sandwich advice, I got you. 

My friends and family are also a really big part of my life. I grew up in Illinois and moved to Jersey a couple of years ago so a big part of me is still in the midwest with all of my best friends. Anyway, I love being with my friends, but who doesn’t. I even scheduled some of my classes with them, including this class. 🙂 

Can’t wait to read about the rest of you!