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Expanding Exposure with Guest Blogging

This article goes over the importance of guest blogging and the necessary strategies to take to maximize its impact. Guest blogging is where you write or publish an article on someone else’s blog or website. In order to do this though, you obviously need to get the blog owner’s permission. Foster’s Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide comes in handy when trying to decide which sites would get your article the most exposure.  Foster states, “you should always make sure that where you’re placing your post has a high relevancy to what you ultimately want to accomplish.”

So the first thing that Foster says is that you have to do your research. She says that the easiest way to do this is by using Google search and searching keywords. The idea is that if you can find it easily so could your potential viewers. After doing this with the most common keywords relating to your topic, you should make a list based on priority and relevancy. You have to decide whether you can trust that side and its information and make the decision whether the site has too much spam. Once you do that, begin to make a proposal specific to each site. Make sure that you proofread and that the topic shows your writing and your knowledge. At this point, she says you should be patient and not push the blog owners after you send the proposal. Once you get approval, Foster says to constantly follow your topics and to if possible, establish yourself as a professional in the niche. That way people would be more likely to accept and listen to want you are saying. These are the basic tips for guest blogging.

Honestly when I read this post, I am reminded of sending resumes for a job. You definitely have to research the job and the company to see if you could both enjoy what you are doing and the company. You have to make cover letters specific to each position. Then, you obviously prioritize your applied jobs to see which the best choices are. Your actual resume is also very similar to guest proposals as they are short and concise but at the same time say a lot about the topic. After you send in your resume, you can only wait until you get a call-back.

I can definitely understand the importance of guest blogging. It really does seem like an effective way to spread your name and content among bloggers who follow your genre of topics. All of the people who visit that site will probably already have a basic knowledge or interest in the topic since they had to search for it so there is a decent chance that they may like your guest post as well. This can also be used as a good opportunity to connect with the community that also blogs about the chosen topic. The members of this community can offer you new opportunities and create a mutual follower sharing system. Maybe you may even find friends in this group since you already share one interest.

Hate in a new form welcome to the Internet!

cyber bully 3 finalThe Internet is a place where people are able to express themselves freely. People are allowed to openly comment on daily topics that occur on the World Wide Web. Although the Internet has allowed for this free form of expression it does have a dark side.  The article “How the Internet created an Age of Rage” discusses the negative aspects of the age of computer and technology. The author concentrates on the idea of people keeping their identities anonymous. Not revealing who they are allows commenters to express extreme forms anger through comments without fearing the consequences. Both celebrities and the common person have witnessed or experienced commenters leaving ruthless statements to attack others. I agree with the author, people hide behind their computer screens and abuse the power of the Internet. Being anonymous gives them more courage to say hurtful and truly cruel things to others online. The importance of keeping the identity a secret was truly shown in the study done on children during Halloween. Children who had costumes would most likely steal, if money was left, compared to children who did not wear a costume. This very study shows how important it is to conceal our identities when we know we are doing something wrong. What really screamed out about this article is how closely connected it is to cyberbullying. One can only question did cyberbullying start from aggressive people on the Internet? Bullying has existed for a very long time but the age of technology has allowed for an even more convenient way for people to bully others. The article mentions how Stewart Lee has been extremely bullied throughout the Internet. He has witnessed countless insults and threatening comments. It is a bit difficult to relate to a celebrity and consider mean comments such as these as bullying. It is bullying but in a new form; a form where people have even more power because they are able to hide their identity and avoid the consequences. A more relatable victim is Amanda Todd who suffered from extreme cyberbullying and it lead to her committing suicide.  These two examples show that no one is exempt from the rage of the Internet; it can happen to just about anyone. I personally have not experienced any forms of cyberbullying; cyberbullying came in at a later time to affect me. I was bullied the old fashion way, in person. As a child it is very challenging to overcome the bullying and sometimes you do not over come it. You live with the fact that in the past people intentionally tried to hurt you. The only difference is that in cyberbullying people are attacked more frequently and these comments stay on the Internet forever. Not only are people attacked more frequently they are also attacked by many more people. The Internet is a huge place and people around the globe can comment on a single post, blog or picture.  I do not think I would have been able to deal with mean comments directed towards me. It was hard enough dealing with bullying five days a week but dealing with it all time must be a challenging. As we speak there are people on the Internet preying on other’s weaknesses. They hide behind their computer screens hoping, wishing and praying that no one discovers who they are; the person behind the screen must be kept a secret because trolling wouldn’t be as much fun if the world knew exactly who they were.