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Keep Blogging!


The main reason that a blogger would abandon their blog is that life simply just gets in the way. I know this from my own blog. I work, take 19 credits here at Rutgers, am in the marching band, and hold a position within my Fraternity. I barely have time for anything. And if for some chance I do have time I’m either too tired to function or I desperately need to just relax. It’s difficult because normally  I wouldn’t blog if I didn’t have a good amount of time to commit myself to the blog.

To prevent blogging burn out I think I would simply post less frequently. My blog being an anime blog I could first watch an entire anime series and then write about it as opposed to writing about anime I’ve already watch and simply remember. It would be more productive that way I think. I’ll be very interested in the anime and at the end of it I’m sure I would want to share how awesome it was. I wouldn’t feel the obligation to do so, I would just want to do it.

If my friend has a great blog and hasn’t updated it in a while I think I would nonchalantly comment about their blog every once in a while so as to send something sort of like a subliminal message. Because maybe after hearing about their blog so much they might be interested in going back to it. If that doesn’t work I think I would just be very direct and ask them about it. Ask why they stopped or how they are feeling about continuing blogging so that maybe I can help in someway to get their motivation back. I would not push the limit though.

Internet Impressions: take control of yours.

“all citizens, no matter how obscure, will have to adjust their behavior to the possibility that someone may be writing about them”
Jeffrey Rosen

To an extent I believe that this ideology should be followed. However this is something that has always been in play. You should adjust your behavior to the possibility of anything. It’s all about the impression you leave on someone. You do it all the time; You’re on your best behavior when you meet her parents or put on a face (not neccesarily a farce) when you go to be interviewed. The fact is you are always being judged and someone will inevitably gossip about you and your behaviors. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a blog or written in a journal. You should always want to present yourself to be a certain way in public. Why should that change at all with the addition of blogs? Sure it’s a different medium that more people have access to however if you follow this ideology you won’t have to worry about anything.

So yes you should adjust your behavior for how you want to be perceived but considering the work wide web, I feel that your identity should be kept private if you want it to be. You should have total and complete control over your identity on the internet and if someone else puts out any sort of personal information out there, you should have the right to make them take it down or at least simply take your identity away from whatever they wrote.

watch out, you might end up in someone’s blog!

It’s sad to see how such a great thing as blogging has emerged and everyone interprets it in different ways. Bloggers discuss a wide range of topics such as: recipes, DIYs, reviews, criticisms, vents- internet diaries, etc. It’s sad that this question even popped up! What’s more sad is that people can’t confront the actual person and  have to vent and write horrible things on their blogs.

I personally disagree with this statement. Why? Because everyone is different, and everyone is free to act as they please- as long as it’s not offensive or cruel. If someone has an awkward presence and dress in Christmas Sweaters all the time, it is not a reason to blog nasty things about them. Some people are rude, I agree, because they state all their opinions without any boundaries. But those people are themselves, and they probably should expect that someone will say something about them. We can’t all be on our toes all the time, scared that someone will blog mean things about them.

I believe in the Golden rule: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” People should be nice if they want others to be nice to them. People should act accordingly and like sincere citizens if they want others to treat them with respect and kindness. So many people utilize their blogs as diaries…. they sometimes don’t even look for followers. I personally thing they should write in a physical diary with an actual pen, but everyone is different. Some like using computers more than getting hand cramps furiously writing. I rather furiously write and underline instead of breaking my keyboard. People are able to write about anything they want online, but they should try playing nice. If I end up in someone’s blog in a negative way, I’d say, “Great. That’s one thing I can change about myself!” Of course, after cursing them off, and then realizing that I’m special to be featured in someone’s blog. They took time out of their lives to dedicate a post to me. How. Sweet. But chances are I probably won’t know if an individual blogged about me. Most bloggers change the names when blogging about others. If they are blatant and open, I probably will not mind. My friends and family know how I act on a normal basis and would understand.

People tweet or update Facebook statuses about others and their good/bad experiences. It’s a normal thing. People have been updating their diaries with good/bad things. Crushes. Rude people. Santa Claus. Forever we have been writing about people ‘secretly’. No one should have to worry about whether someone will write about them or not. Bloggers should be able to, however, be more respectful to privacy. They shouldn’t upload pictures or videos or whatever about a person without their permission… At least keep the post on the DL, change up names, or keep it as a private post!

2 Thoughts 1 Post

So we all know that everyone loves free stuff but as a blogger when you receive free stuff should you disclose that information to your readers if  your doing a review of that item or on the company who provided the goods?

I completely think a blogger should let the readers know because at times the fact that its free could slant one’s view when writing the review and it also lets the reads know that the product was free so what they should expect and sometimes its not the honest truth. Lets keep it 100% real folks because if most people received something for free they would give it a great review even if it was horrible just based on the fact they didn’t have to spend their money to get it. But with me I  pledge to keep it real all the time as long as the free item isn’t backstage passes to a Chris Brown or Mack Wilds concert (LOL). Other than that my readers can expect to hear the truth on my blog.


And moving on to the second thought about fact checking. I feel as though fact checking is a life saver because it keeps the credibility of the source relevant and makes readers feel as though they can trust the sources information and it also keeps those bloggers and journalist who would lie to put out a juicy story from corrupting the minds of us wonderful people. But as far as the standard to which journalist are held to when it comes to fact checking should not be applied to bloggers because of the professionalism that newspapers and magazines have to live up to . Bloggers are based on ones opinion and thought whereas newspapers and magazines are suppose to be an unbiased source for information. Bloggers are allowed to express themselves freely and can do so by posting a story they heard was true or post a thought that they believe should be true or will come true in the future which opens the door. So basically fact checking when it comes to bloggers still should exist but not as strictly as the way it applies to journalist who contribute to newspapers or magazines

information by bloggers

As a big reader of many blogs, I have seen many bloggers state that they received x and y samples from a company, and they would proceed to write about the product. So far, the products were not all positives. Some had downsides and some had in-between feelings. I feel that companies send free products to bloggers who are well-known. They probably expect these bloggers to write the best things about their products, but sometimes, there will be negatives. Companies probably know that the bloggers will not write all positives- it’s not like the companies are actually paying them to say positive things! It really is not a big deal if bloggers disclose when they receive free products or if they do not because in the end, bloggers just end up stating that they received products from a company…(probably doesn’t make any sense). To clarify, bloggers always post pictures of free products they received because they’re happy or sad…either or. We as readers can see the logo on the brand, and we can easily figure out which company made what. So, bloggers do not really have to disclose that type of info. It will be nice if they did though because it will clarify and make it easier if readers want to test that certain product.

Bloggers are pretty much alike Journalists if bloggers always update their blogs with news. The only difference between these two are journalists have to be neutral while bloggers go on a tantrum sometimes… There should really be no bias opinions, but sometimes, people can’t help it. I read an article stating that Journalists have to be unbiased for basically every article… even sports journalists cannot cheer at an event or they will get fired (is this true?). Journalists’ articles and stories need to get fact checked multiple times before getting published. I feel like bloggers should fact check their own information, too! They should get other credible people who can fact check for them as well. Bloggers are basically journalists, just in a more social and quick way. It’s embarrassing to go back to an already published article and have to make updates about corrections. I see popular, well-known blogs and news sites correcting their already posted articles, and I sometimes wonder why… It’s not easy being correct all the time, but it is a great thing to try being accurate most of the times. No one is perfect, but it doesn’t hurt to recheck your information and backtrack! Bloggers can update their corrections on their blog posts without actually being caught. They can edit their post, and no one will really know that they corrected a little piece of information. They should be less held accountable than journalists because bloggers, in my opinion, do not really portray the news as the whole world will see it. I feel like bloggers are more opinionated.

Back Check For My Fact Check

In “Fact Checking at The New Yorker”, it discusses the importance and roles of fact checkers who basically spend their time going over published works to make sure the information, sources, times, and other things are correct. This idea of checking your work could be applied to blogging because like any other written work eras are bound to happen whether its misspelling a word or having a typo that changes the story just a little. The idea that people like this even exist was amazing to me because I did not know this was actually a job. I just thought news sources and journalist checked their own work and corrected it themselves if need be. But anyway, this concept of having someone else check your work could be very viable especially to bloggers because it allows to minor mistakes to be corrected and keeps the credibility of bloggers information trustworthy by readers. Because no reader wants to visit a site that gives information that is misleading or wrong due to something as minor as a wrong date. Therefore, fact checking could be essential the credibility of a blog and also could make it easier on readers to trust the information from blogs rather than solely rely on newspapers.

Quick, write the reaction!

Sure it seems like a cool thing to live blog and it’s something that I feel like I could definitely do but I think I would come to hate it. My current blog is about anime and what I see myself doing as a live blog post is reacting to an episode. Completely doable and might be kind of fun. One side affect though would be the potential release of spoilers for people who didn’t watch the episode yet. Though I might be able to avoid that if I just put a time and my reaction without any content of the episode.

I feel like if I had to do it all the time it would take my attention away from the episode itself so that I can type my reaction to what’s happening. I might miss something or if I didn’t it just plain wouldn’t be the same experience. I love watching anime and when I do watch it I never take my eyes off of the screen. It’s a hard skill to acquire but when watching I see both the subtitles and the animation; I can read and watch at the same time. That doesn’t sound too difficult but at first it bothers yours eyes. Adding writing a blog post to those two things I will definitely start to overload my multitasking abilities.

The only good things I see about live blog posting with regards to my own personal blog is that some of my reactions to anime might be funny. Actually I’m pretty sure they would be because anime is the only thing that makes me turn into a fan girl and I high pitch squeal at the exciting parts. It might bring a comedic aspect to my blog. Still I don’t see the positives being greater than the negatives.