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Live in full Affect

So we all know I love all things hip hop and anything and everything that has to do with celebrity gossip. But the ultimate heaven moment would be if i could get gossip and hip hop news while its happening. Who wouldn’t love to hear that Miley Cyrus is in rehab as soon as she steps foot into the rehab center? Or who wouldn’t love to know which celebrity is acting a drunken mess at a club while its actually going on? This idea of live blogging would  be the ultimate ideal news situation, meaning its real news at real time. The benefits of live blogging would be that its fast, up to date, constant, and allows readers to rely on one source for all the information as it is happening in real time. The negatives of live blogging would be that its not 100 percent accurate being that the blogger wouldn’t have the full story in one post and things as well as situations can change making it hard to keep up with the constant updates of stories.  But with news and reporting news we all know its not perfect and everything has flaws. But none the less I am a firm believer that live blogging is the future of news because as a society today we crave knowing things right away due to the fast paste lifestyles and multitasking we do on a regular basis.


I believe social media and social networks are synonymous terms, referring to a website that connects you to many people you may know, and some you may not, hence forming an online network. Examples of this would be Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Even though Twitter is considered “micro-blogging” it allows you to be much more “social” than a normal or typical blog. All of these examples allow users to converse freely, check out status updates, view photos, and more while everyone else is able to do the same about them. Users can examine deeply the life of another person (what they choose to share) and give feedback or become “social” over the site that is shared.

For that reason, I do not think blogs are social media. They are websites that one person controls and while others may sometimes be able to leave comments, there is no large conversation taking place. A blog author can choose to disable comments, truly taking away any aspect of socialization they might receive, and on top of that, they are not obligated to write back like users of social media websites, who are more or less are expected to. Blogs are much more one-sided than social media forms.