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Wilson, Pamela. “8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content.”Copyblogger. Copyblogger Media, LLC, 10 Dec. 2010. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.


This article teaches businesses and other fellow bloggers on how to keep readers and customers engaged. Wilson states that in order for people to understand and read your content and reply is by keeping an article short and snappy. There are so many people who “scan” articles, instead of genuinely reading through the whole article, word by word. They look for what they want and just breeze through the article. She even suggests writing some paragraphs with just one sentence. She suggests bulleted information, which shows that people are so used to reading short and quick articles.

My essay’s main point is that people want quick information because we are so used to the quick paced world. This depicts my thesis very well, showing examples of how to write quick articles. As the title of this article states, there will be more readership and followers if the articles are succinct. “79% of readers scan rather than read the whole article.” This proves that more people would rather get more information by visiting many different sites and reading quick information.

Copyblogger is a trustworthy site because it has won many awards for being the best blog and for giving great information. The founder has also been mentioned in many books. Copyblogger has been founded in 2006, and ever since the beginning, they have been teaching businesses how to market.

creative commons


It is honestly annoying if someone takes your idea and broadcasts it as their own. You put your dedication and time into your work, and someone takes it. This is why you need a license via the Creative Commons so that your work gets its proper credit and your name gets acknowledged and known. Creative Commons makes sure that your work gets attributed.

It is so important to use media from the Creative Commons search site because it allows users everywhere to use different media based on the license. One does not have to feel guilty or uneasy when using a photo on their site that is not originally theirs. No artists or photographers will track one down and demanding that their original work gets deleted on ones site. As long as one does not go against the license and its restrictions, all is fine. It’s important to use media via the C.C. so that everyone gets their proper share of acknowledgement.

If one is great at drawing or great at taking pictures, and one wants to show the world their amazing work, they should upload it onto a website with a Creative Commons license. By uploading it with a license, one can restrict who takes the original work and what they can do with it. Some people might be devious and use an original work and sell it or say they are the original creators without crediting the producer. Some people do not properly give credit to the original artist, and it is unfair. They should stop and be more courteous when using images and other forms of media that are not theirs!

people want shorter articles!

Nielsen, Jakob. “Nielsen Norman Group.” Long vs. Short Articles as Content Strategy. NN/g, 12 Nov. 2007. Web. 17 Sept. 2013.

This article states that “people prefer to read short articles.” It states that people who read shorter articles, save two minutes and has 7 benefit units- the value and information they get from a website. It concludes that after an hour, people who read shorter articles have 105 benefit units per hour compared to those who read the longer articles with 100 benefit units per hour. It states that shorter articles are more focused and great to grow readership and great for advertising. It uses an example of people preferring shorter articles when looking for symptoms of an illness, compared to reading a long article that states it in the middle. Even with both a mix of short and long articles read, people still benefit more from shorter articles. Jakob Nielsen (the author) and his NN/g group was founded in 1998, and has been conducting numerous researches, trainings, and consulting, and has uploaded so many different tests and strategies, so he is definitely a source that I can rely on. They have sold books and gone on many tours.  It goes great with my thesis because I want to prove that people prefer reading shorter articles and not longer articles. I feel more sturdy with my topic now. This article is not biased at all and is very informative and neutral.

Time & Dedication!

Photo by: wikimedia

Not everyone starts out as blogging prodigies; it takes a lot of time and effort to create the perfect blog and gain a lot of audience. For starters, bloggers should research about different blogging platforms and learn about different techniques. They should search for tips that would help them grow and engage with their followers. They should also think deeply about a topic that they are passionate about.

Whatever experience with technology one has, a person should definitely get a hands on experience with blogs. They should create a mock site and play around with different features. There is no better way to learn than actually getting a hands on experience. When I first started blogging, I followed different range of bloggers and learned their techniques. A lot of them used the famous hashtags while others just had a funny sense of humor. It took me a few months to get used to blogging, and eventually I learned a lot of shortcuts that can be taken to create new links or add new media, etc. I am still not the best at blogging, but after constantly blogging for an entire summer, I can say that I’m not that bad at it! It took a while to get used to everything, but blogging is one of the simplest things life has to offer.

Many blogging sites come with easy features that can easily be learned in a few hours to a few days. Nothing can get easier than clicking a button that says, “New Post.” These type of blogging sites will be great for beginners to novices who just want to experience what a blogger’s life feels like. These will be best for those who just want to get their opinions across while reaching out to a certain audience. One does not have to be a big techie for these type of blogs. Tumblr, WordPress, Xanga, Blogger, etc. all are simple blogging sites that just require a few hours of clicking around and learning. There are also tutorials and support forums that anyone can read and contribute to.

For the extremely technological masters, codes are the way to go. I feel like it would be best for these advanced bloggers to create their own site. It would take a bit to get used to, but practice makes perfect! These technology folks are lucky because they know what codes to create to make their blog the best looking. But the easy buttons, for us technologically challenged folks, are our way to making a successful blog. We get to browse through hundreds of themes and choosing the best that will fit our personalities.

No matter what level one’s love for technology is, practice is the way to go. The more one blogs, the better they will get at it. The more one wants to advance in blogging, the more they will look at different blogs, take notes, and learn. Once more time is put into this task, blogging will be a piece of cake. It honestly does not require much technological knowledge to create the best blog. Your content, personality, design, and passion is what creates the perfect blog.

Mini Tips… from a college kid

I will start a blog that has mini tips created by me, a college kid. I feel as if I can relate to almost every college kid and not just one specific group of people.

Advice from a Twenty Something

Not just an ordinary blog… it combines everything that relates to a 20 something year old lady! Fashion, nail ideas, makeup tips, decorative aspects, etc. Amanda really knows how to give tips in a funny yet serious manner. Her blog design consists of pastel/spring colors which are not hurtful to look at. It is simple yet beautiful. Easy to search for tips. Easy to navigate. Easy to follow!

She has her own voice, and it seems as if she’s in-person, talking to you. She uploads pictures to accompany her tips. Which is great. She links fashion posts to different clothing websites.

There is no archive, which isn’t bad but might be useful! Other than that, I’m in love with this blog!


Not focused towards fashion, but more focused on technology and the business world. These tips are great for computer challenged folks and interesting to read. Lifehacker has many tips and is constantly updated. It never lags in the news world either. Simple yet so neat! So easy to navigate as well. Definitely an interesting blog that has a sense of humor. Simple layout. I wish it could have been a bit fancier. It is easy to read though.

Dumb Little Man

Sort of a discouraging link, no? The boring layout follows along. It isn’t constantly updated, and it lacks a sense of humor and style. There are so many popup ads, too!

It does however, help bring one up in spirits. It gives nice advice for stress or low confidence. This site offers advice on which phone to purchase to simple workouts. I wish it was easy to navigate through this site. I wish the blog was more organized with their display. It lacks color, but is a pretty awesome blog. The tone is of an Elderly who has experience in many fields: health, business, education, etc. There is so many tips you can discover on this site. Thankfully, there are pictures to help bring this site to life!

All these blogs are original and successful!


Blogs and Businesses ?

The world has turn to technology- hands down, or hands on? Without technology, there would be no computers. Without computers, there will be no internet. No internet means no social media, which means no blogs. Do blogs really help businesses? What is the function of a blog? Without the help of blogs, less people will find a company and fall in love with it. Blogs help publicize companies and bring more awareness of their presence.

A Little Something

A sophomore still confused about all the majors, and having a passion for food, dogs, great music, and good movies, I am me- Lisa Ko. I love blogging; it is a hobby that interests me and keeps me going. There are so many amazing blogs and posts that makes me laugh, gets me inspired, or makes me shed a tear. I often fantasize of having a blog that millions of readers will subscribe to; I know, it’s sort of strange, but I’m sure all of you have strange dreams you want to accomplish!

Me at the first RU football game! Big Football Fan!

Aside from loving blogging and all of the above, I love fashion. I have a Pinterest account that I constantly update with the latest fashion, cute pups, decoration ideas, food, and more.  [FOLLOW ME!]

I am also a big family person. Family over anything! Then comes great friends who I love to share amazing memories and stories with. I am a person who will help out anyone in need in a heartbeat- as long as it’s not something minute like getting the remote from another room. I also want to introduce my boyfriend of a little over 4 years. I don’t usually boast about him like this, but I felt he is an important person in my life! We are both big foodies, and he spoils me once in a while with little gifts. 🙂 He is double majoring in electrical engineering and some computer degree. I’m not a big math/science person… I don’t get to see him often due to school, but during the summer, we are inseparable!

My siblings & I at our first Yankee Game!

My siblings & I at our first Yankee Game!

We are probably the goofiest couple you'll ever meet!

We are probably the goofiest couple you’ll ever meet!


I also love cars… basically I love everything that is interesting and is constantly updated.

I also L-O-V-E food. I always eat at different restaurants and take different pictures of food. I know, the stereotypical, “You’re Asian so you take pictures of food all the time” must pop up in your head, but I don’t take pictures of allll the food I have eaten. I love recommending a place with a picture of the dish I ate, and I especially love when my family and friends visit the place and enjoy it. I am a Foodie! Check out my food on my Instagram feed, too. (As you can see, I’m crazy with social media related sites!)

Visit here for an AMAZING food blog.

I also love “The Walking Dead” and “How I Met Your Mother”. And you can’t forget “Top Gear UK”! These shows are intense, funny, heart-warming, information filled, and makes me happy.

my favorite character in TWD

I hope to major in the Business and social media field. I hope that one day I will reach great success. I hope that all of you find your passion and achieve your goals! I hope to share my happiness with all of you one day, and I hope that all of you share your great news with me too.