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Response to “Why I blog”

In his article “Why I Blog” Andrew Sullivan compares being a blogger to acting as
a host at a dinner party and I agree with him. A blogger is someone who evokes
discussion about a particular topic and embraces feedback whether it’s
constructive or destructive and uses it to enhance their post. And a host of a
dinner party is someone who brings up open discussion about a topic and the
guest at the party add to the discussion by arguing against or for the point
mad by the host. Sullivan makes it clear that when someone brings up a
discussion it is only right that others have an ability to voice their opinion
whether good or bad when he states, “To blog is therefore to let go of your
writing in a way, to hold it at arm’s length, open it to scrutiny, allow it to
float in the ether for a while, and to let others, as Montaigne did, pivot you
toward relative truth.” But on the other hand these two settings differ when it
comes to the factor of miscommunications because in the online world of blogging
people are more likely to overlook things and take certain statements out of
context which can lead to miscommunications and arguments upon a particular
topic one may feel they have more expertise in then another. While at dinner
parties people are in real time, meaning they are face to face engaging in
physical communication where if something seems unclear or misunderstood the
person can respond immediately and surpass the whole waiting for a response.
But overall the idea of a blogger being in the same category as a dinner party
host is accurate because both are meant to create environments where people
feel they can discuss and communicate their views and opinions. And it’s supposed
to be a place where people can feel free to be passionate about something,
whether it’s seen as weird or normal because the people involved in the blog
share the same passion. Sullivan states, “He can provoke discussion or take a
position, even passionately, but he also must create an atmosphere in which
others want to participate.” In other words, a blogger and a dinner party host
are supposed to take a position in the discussion but not deter others from
being active participants because in a way the participation from others makes
the blog and party successful. Because the function of a blog is to be a discussion
and informative site and the purpose of a dinner party is to enjoy others
company and come together for great conversation it’s a no brainer that a
blogger and dinner party host share the same roles or at least a lot of their
roles overlap. So I guess now a dinner party host can be in a way considered a blogger
and a blogger can be considered a party host. Therefore, this goes to show that
the internet age has taken simple things such as hosting a dinner party and has
created the same atmosphere and scene just in a virtual way that includes the
same elements just revamped.

Skylar Introduced As Miss Bombshell

Wassup, Wassup, Wassup folks! I am your girl Skylar A. also known as Miss Bombshell from Urban Manner on 90.3 The Core . I am a chick with a love for fashion, music, gossip, and celebrity drama. I’ve been causing a riot on this planet called earth for twenty years and it all started in Newark New Jersey on October 28,1992. I decided to take my talents and big mouth to Rutgers University. As you probably guessed I am a journalism and media studies major who practically worships Wendy Williams because she’ s so real (well despite her boob job).

When it comes to my loves I’ll be happy to break it down to you. I am a lover of great music because it gives my heart a heart beat. I refer to my favorite genre of music (Hip Hop and R&B) as she because a lady gives life to those in need. As did Hip hop give life to those urban communities who needed a voice in the main stream media during the livest era (the 80s). My all time favorite song comes from the dopest rapper alive Commons I Used to Love her .

Just like Hip Hop fashion gives me life, It serves as my vision. Fashion allows me to see the world differently and reminds me to never accept the norm and dare to be different. I am a chick who loves glamour but is more than happy to throw on some sneaks with a skinny pair of sweats and rock out like LL cool J. Fashion is just one of those things that will always break barriers.

But the two things that runs blood through my body is celebrity drama and celebrity gossip. And I guess that’s the reason why I was born. I thrive off of giving people the scoop on others who live a sloppy life (such as Lamar Odom, and Amanda Bynes) . But to wrap this up I’ll leave you with this . Miss Bombshell is just another side of Skylar, she gives you the real scoop on what’s going on and never holds back. So when you want the absolute truth you know where to find me.