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Blog Curators

I think that comparing bloggers to curators is very metaphoric certainly, but not that close of a match. Mainly this probably is in my head because curating is such an old and established task whereas blogging seems to be new and changing daily as we learn to use the internet in various ways. I think the connection between curating and blogging comes from the fact that blog admins, like curators, get to choose what to feature. Something about blogs in my mind makes them seem to have so much more potential than curators, as bloggers can create their own content while curators, I believe, need to work with what they are given from thousands of years ago. On the other hand, bloggers that have specific focuses to their site may have this same issue of a small breadth of topics and posts to discuss. I started out on this post discussing that they are not the same but have convinced myself by the end of it that perhaps there is a better connection than I had originally thought. interesting


Yes, this is the manager speaking.

Bloggers can be curators. There’s no question in that. Rather it’s how can they be curators. Whether you have your own individual blog or if you are a part of a group collaboration you can be a curator.

With an individual blog you control everything on your blog. Since it’s only your blog you can’t really manage any posts on your blog besides your own however you can control other things. You can choose what comments stay on the blog and even block certain users if you feel their comments are getting out of hand. You control everything on your own individual blog.

Collaborative blogs are a bit different because you have a host blogger and guest bloggers. As the host blogger you can control everything. You can decide what posts go onto your blog, control comments again, and decide what users are allowed to post to your blog. As a guest blogger though you only have control of your own posts and are subject to the host bloggers editing and or removal of your posts. Still, as a guest blogger I do believe you have control over the comments that your post gets.

I want to look at youtube as one big collaborative blog, which it could be except that it’s just for videos. On youtube you can upload your own videos and decide everything about them. However youtube has the overall say. If you are violating youtube’s rules they will delete your video or ban you from using your account. They also manage their website to be more categorized and user friendly. They manage it really well.

So in conclusion Bloggers are curators and do indeed manage their own blogs.