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Nude Media and Paintings

I found Laura DiCioccio’s paintings to be really fascinating. I never really looked at the way an article was inadvertently shaped to be “art”. There were times where I found myself zoning out while reading and looking at the white spaces that appear after the last sentence of a paragraph, but I never looked at it as “art”. But I suppose that it could be looked at as that. She succeeds in showing us this by substituting the words and pictures that appear on a writing piece with dots or varying color and size. I found her paintings really cool and even mistook the paintings for a real article a few times!

Perhaps relating to this, when an article gets stripped down to its “bones” it loses all of its creativity. No pictures, nothing to identify the source of where the piece came from, simply words on a page. For example, many online articles enlarge the first letter of the piece, but when the article gets stripped down, by emailing it to someone or even pasting it onto Word, it loses that uniqueness. If some words are colored or in a different font for whatever reason, those too may be lost. This may not be a good thing though because if someone were to write an article with some sort of creative layout in mind, it will be lost on the Internet after a while, losing the artful uniqueness of the piece.

In order to give true credit to an author, and to preserve its artful form, it is important to keep the piece as is and not modify it, if at all possible. This way we all get to enjoy an article in its alluring, original, form.