Blogging Proposal

Hello sir,

I’d like to suggest a new blog for the company. A blog is not only a great marketing tool to gain publicity but it is great way to keep our customers informed. Blogging offers an easy way for customers to provide feedback and comment on our policies. The current method that connect with our customers is both out-dated and inefficient. On the other hand, with blogs it allows for use to provide instant feedback. Also blogs offer a much more modern outlook compared to a traditional website. We can constantly update our products and deals in a manner that is much more viewer- friendly. With the use of blogs, I assure you that our publicity will rise and customer satisfaction of our provided services will also increase. I hope you will consider this proposal.

Blog Proposal

Blog Proposal For Library

to make the community aware of what is going on at our library, I am proposing we create a library blog.  The blog would include basic information such as library address, telephone number, hours of operation, & holidays they are closed.  We could also include all activities going on at the library such as book clubs, story hours for children, special holiday activities, non-library workshops such as how to use the internet, planning for college, etc.   Each week we might also  feature a library employee and discuss what their job at the library entails & maybe a short personal bio about them.  We could also feature each week a book of the week for adults & children, & allow patrons to discuss them through comments.  We could also highlight what the library can offer to the community, computers for job search, free movies & CD’s with a library card, copy machine, etc.


Dear President of whatever company,

You may not know me yet because I just joined the company. I am a recent graduate, and I want to help expand the customer base of our company. I know that this company will succeed with flying colors if we add a little something extra.

Now, I’ve been doing some research about the company, and I noticed that we do not have a blog. After taking a multimedia class, I have learned that blogs really help increase customers and readers. Blogging will help us connect to not only our returning customers but also with new customers. With a blog, we can: introduce new products; create interesting stories relating to our products; increase customers; upload photos of our products; make customers feel like they are a part of the company; have polls for new ideas; have contests; ask customers for reviews; write news about the company and/or about our community.

You can hire a social media techie, or I can possibly help out with creating our blog. I already have a design layout that will really catch the eyes of many. I looked up keyword searches that people search for frequently. I have a few posts already in mind that include these keywords, which would really help this company grow. I already have contest ideas. All I need is approval from you to begin this journey. I’ll take pictures, upload constantly, and make sure to reach a quota and possibly surpass it. We need a blog ASAP.


Dear President of Athletic Clothing Inc.,

I am writing to you to propose an idea that I think will aid the company in many ways.  I believe today, that having a social media presence is very important especially as technology becomes more and more prevalent in everyday life.  Based on this I would like to propose that the company starts a blog, and also maintains a Facebook and Twitter account.  By taking full advantage of these three platforms I am confident that we will gain more company followers, and it will also allow our current company followers to gain access to our brand much quicker.

On the blog we could post “athletic looks of the week” featuring our clothing, and also have contests in which people can comment and submit their own Athletic Clothing Inc looks.  The interactiveness of blogging will allow fans of our clothes to feel as if they are apart of the company.  Facebook and Twitter would be more like fan pages where new news and designs will be posted in order to keep fans up to date.  They will also mention at what major retailers the clothing can be purchased and if any of the clothing is going on discount.

Based on my previous experience with all three of these social media types, I would be able to easily produce a quality start up blog, along with a Facebook and Twitter account that all correlate.  This will allow us to being the process immediately and will not require that we look outside the company for aid.

Overall, adding the blogging and other social media forums to our company will expand our interest and allow us to gain more popularity (especially in the younger age groups).  Just having a website for the company is simply not enough anymore, and in order to keep the company competitive we must create and maintain these platforms.

I hope you will consider my proposal because I am confident that it will really benefit the company.


Brielle Buis

Gaining Exposure Through Blogging


If I were working in the Classics field, either in a museum, college department, or even high school, I think a social media presence would be very important. I would talk with the president of the company and tell him these things. Since Classics is an overlooked field, many people do not know much about it or the possibilities of life after studying it. Alumni could blog about their current successful jobs. Students now go for more lucrative majors like business and engineering, and those that do choose humanities and history are usually ridiculed in some way for their decision. Encouraging students to study what they like would be a great way to use social media. Generating interest in the program might increase the number of students that join it, and would lead to more funding for the department. More people would realize how great a Classics education is, because they will be getting educated on that exact subject through the social media. A Classics department with a strong social media presence would not only benefit the company by potentially increasing numbers, but it would still educate people who may not choose the major in small facts about history, which is a great thing for people to learn about.



Blogging Duct Tape

Since the company manufacturs duct tape this proposal is to develop a blog this company for marketing duct tape. A duct tape blog would not only allow our company to advertise our product more, but also allow our customers to interact with our company, showing the different ways they use duct tape. The proposal would be for an interactive blog, allowing customers to interact with each other and learn about the various products our company sells. A social media presence arguably will help our company increase both profit and customer satisfaction, while being at a very low cost for our company to maintain. Using Google’s Keyword Planner, we can also determine what customers are looking for when they search for duct tape, such as colors and patterns. Overall, a blog would be an effective and efficient way to interact with customers while also putting the company’s name on a greater scale.

From Blog to Vlog

There aren’t too many options for me for my blog to evolve off the page. Since my blog is basically off of current events, I don’t think a book would work, or a magazine, and definitely not a movie (who wants to see a movie about the New Jersey Devils, anyway?!). Since I’m not sure if I plan on keeping my blog around after this class is over, I highly doubt I would do anything anyway. But if my blog ever adapted to being off the page, I think a vlog would be the most likely because it’s an easy, seamless transition from a blog. A good deal of sports blogs I visit have vlogs (whether it’s about the specific team it covers or the league/sport in general). Even ESPN has vlogs! The downside, though, is that I don’t really know how to edit videos, I don’t really have that much time to do vlogs, and I don’t know how exciting my vlogs would actually be. Oh, well.