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Social Media Defined

Social media is very different from any other type of media we have encountered thus far. Movies, TV shows, video games, and newspapers are all forms of media. So how is social media any different from the things already listed? The biggest difference is actually in the name; it is social. When you go onto a social media website like twitter or Facebook, you don’t go to exclusively watch videos or to exclusively read about the news. It’s a combination of many different forms of media rolled into a single, easily accessible package. Furthermore, social media is not limited to a single form or function. Twitter is totally different from something like reddit (I actually would consider this a form of social media). One is about updating statuses and the other is about…well everything and anything really. But that doesn’t mean that they both aren’t forms of social media. They force interaction between users over the internet while also providing entertainment. I never really used Twitter, so I can’t comment on how it’s fun, but reddit is great because most of the time, the best and funniest information is actually in the comments. The new age of technology has allowed us to create new ways of taking in information. Social media is no exception to this. I would consider a blog a form of social media in that it allows interaction among other people. Like how I defined social media itself, blogs can be incredibly varied in how they present content. Some blogs might be focused on music and news while another could be dedicated to poetry and informal writing. If I was asked what social media is, I would probably say that it’s silly to try and put a definition on it, just because it’s always evolving. One day, the big thing might be facebook, but overnight, something else could become the next big thing (like Pinterest which I have never heard of until today). You might one day finally come up with a suitable definition of social media as a whole, but the next thing you know, it’s something totally different. I guess that’s just how the internet works.

Social Media

Social Media to me is any form of social interactions through an online source.  When thinking about Social Media most often I think about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  All of these platforms have one thing in common, they are all used to interact to some extent with people that you both know and do not know.  Mediated interaction is much different than face to face because you cannot see peoples immediate reaction to a situation.  It acts some what as a buffer.  I think blogging could be considered Social Media depending on the type of blogs.  All blogs allow people to comment on posts and add input of their own.  Weather the author comments back or interacts with the reader is totally up to them.  Usually, I feel like on a really popular blog that has one author, the author is more friendly and interactive with the readers.  Maybe this is because personal blogs that become popular for what ever reason are almost like a Facebook page that is able to be designed in a more particular manner.  With bigger blogs that have a lot of authors, there is less of an interaction and therefore they are less like social media.  Well, at least in my opinion.

Annotated Bib. 5 Is it protected?

Kilmas, Liz. “Do Bloggers ‘Deserve First Amendment Protection’? Sen. Lindsey Graham Isn’t Quite Sure”. The Blaze. 5 June. 2013. Web. 18 Oct. 2013.

The blurred lines between actual journalism and blogging have created a lot of controversy over whether blogging deserves to be fully protected under the First Amendment. This is being questioned by several people one of them being Senator Lindsey Graham.  He is questioning whether blogging is a legitimate form of press and therefore should it have the full protections of the First Amendment and the shield laws. The worry that Senator Graham has is about classified information that bloggers get and get paid for. He wonders whether these types of people should be protected by the Amendment. The truth is that the basis that the Amendment doesn’t protect these people is completely ridiculous. These people who happen to uncover these “classified information” are basically freelance reporters therefore they too should be protected just like freelance reporters who use traditional means of journalism. Also if this information was so easy to obtain then it really isn’t that classified since most regular news would have it too.

Linearity to Describe Blogs?

When Ellen Lupton refers to linearity in writing  she defines it as being one dimensional. Meaning that a work is not dynamic and is geared in one direction, not being able to expand into different outlets. But when it comes to blogs I feel that blogs aren’t linear because they are so versatile and have the ability to connect on different levels of interest. Blogs offer the visual impact of photos, videos, slideshows, and different graphics on top of the contribution of writing. Sure when one reads a book they get the feeling of boredom because the reader is forced to focus on one work of art being the words that fill up a page making it linear. But, when it comes to blogs they embody all things artistic that appeal to the eye as well as the brain. I feel that blogs are the very cool and hype version of a collaboration between magazines, videos, books, and newspapers. Thus, making a blog multi-dimensional and well rounded in many ways due to the fact that a blog is full of ideas that impact a reader mentally, visually and artistically.

Annotated Biblioraphy 4

Cobe, Patricia.  I am Mommy Blogger, Hear Me Roar.  Restaurant Business. March 2012.  Web. 4 October 2013.

This article discussed how mom bloggers have an influence on their readers.  Many companies with products or services to sell, are calling upon mom bloggers to get the word  out on their product or service.  Companies are offering product for the mom bloggers to promote and give away on their blogs.  Research is indicating that many women on social media have a great deal of trust in the mom bloggers.  This makes them a great resource to help promote a company’s product or service.  This article backs up my thesis that “mommy bloggers” have a lot to offer out in the blogosphere.

Whats Writing Have To DO With It?

So one of my favorite blogs in and they give you the scoop on all things in pop culture and its basically my go to site because they are the ones who get the story first before any other site or blog. But as far as the standard of writing for this blog, thats a whole other story. This blog has so many grammatical and spelling errors in one post you would think a toddler is writing it. But I can say that the writers of this blog are never general they have a set topic and story line and stick to it throughout the post. They also keep their post limited to a few words, no longer then a paragraph because they sometimes let photos do the talking for their post. But being that its a blog targeted to the hip hop and urban community I guess its safe to say that their use of improper language, careless writing, use of slang language ,and easy vocabulary is okay being that the community they are speaking to can connect with their post on that level. I also love the fact that this blog makes use of their white space and draws the readers attention to all the post titles by putting them in big bold red lettering which pairs perfectly with the white background and black lettering for the blogs name. Thus, this blog is just one of those blogs that aren’t meant to be the go to site for someone who wants to read post that have a large amount of tough vocabulary or serious post about politics or serious issues affecting the world. This site is meant to be a little ignorant and obnoxious because that’s who the site wants to attract that those are the readers who feel like they have a place to go to catch on the news that they are interest in. So in my opinion this doesn’t have great writing if you wanted to judge it based on a collegiate level but if your judging it based on its impact on the community a reader its targeting, I say the writing and writing style is AWESOME!!!!  Two Thumbs up for the ratchet site I love.


Creativity when it comes to Post

Lauren DiCioccio’s paitining is not only appealing to the eye due to the colors, but it comes to show how creative one can be when it comes to create a blog. The simple idea of using dots to cover magazine articles or a piece of writing can turn to a completely new idea. This creativity is what attracts the eye and captures peoples attention, but at the same time can cause a few problems. Most likely Lauren have permission to use the texts, but if it was any other individual that just started to place dots on random magazine texts a copyright infringement can happen. They are modifying and using someones else work to create a new one! Before using any work online one most be aware of creative common license of the image using and also the artists rules on modifying their text or their art. 

Another observation to take in from Lauren’s painting is the color combo and play that she does with the paintings. The power of color is extremely important and has a direct effect with individuals mood and thoughts. The most colorful articles made me very intrigued and made me smile a little bit, while darker articles tend to bring some sadness and darkness.