Dear President of Athletic Clothing Inc.,

I am writing to you to propose an idea that I think will aid the company in many ways.  I believe today, that having a social media presence is very important especially as technology becomes more and more prevalent in everyday life.  Based on this I would like to propose that the company starts a blog, and also maintains a Facebook and Twitter account.  By taking full advantage of these three platforms I am confident that we will gain more company followers, and it will also allow our current company followers to gain access to our brand much quicker.

On the blog we could post “athletic looks of the week” featuring our clothing, and also have contests in which people can comment and submit their own Athletic Clothing Inc looks.  The interactiveness of blogging will allow fans of our clothes to feel as if they are apart of the company.  Facebook and Twitter would be more like fan pages where new news and designs will be posted in order to keep fans up to date.  They will also mention at what major retailers the clothing can be purchased and if any of the clothing is going on discount.

Based on my previous experience with all three of these social media types, I would be able to easily produce a quality start up blog, along with a Facebook and Twitter account that all correlate.  This will allow us to being the process immediately and will not require that we look outside the company for aid.

Overall, adding the blogging and other social media forums to our company will expand our interest and allow us to gain more popularity (especially in the younger age groups).  Just having a website for the company is simply not enough anymore, and in order to keep the company competitive we must create and maintain these platforms.

I hope you will consider my proposal because I am confident that it will really benefit the company.


Brielle Buis

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