Gaining Exposure Through Blogging


If I were working in the Classics field, either in a museum, college department, or even high school, I think a social media presence would be very important. I would talk with the president of the company and tell him these things. Since Classics is an overlooked field, many people do not know much about it or the possibilities of life after studying it. Alumni could blog about their current successful jobs. Students now go for more lucrative majors like business and engineering, and those that do choose humanities and history are usually ridiculed in some way for their decision. Encouraging students to study what they like would be a great way to use social media. Generating interest in the program might increase the number of students that join it, and would lead to more funding for the department. More people would realize how great a Classics education is, because they will be getting educated on that exact subject through the social media. A Classics department with a strong social media presence would not only benefit the company by potentially increasing numbers, but it would still educate people who may not choose the major in small facts about history, which is a great thing for people to learn about.



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