Dear Company Manager – We should have a Blog

Across the globe, businesses have started to increase their online presence.  It has come to my attention that our company does not have a Weblogs, or “Blogs.” I know that if used correctly, a blog can be a beneficial asset to our business.  Please allow me to inform you of the two greatest reasons for online blogging:

The most impactful reason a business has for creating a blog is to build a community.  This means our business becomes more than just a website selling products – we are now a place to create, share, and learn from.  A blog will do this by giving the company a unique “voice,” as blog posts allow for creativity in topics and language.  The feeling of a community is further built through the ability for customers to leave feedback in comments, which the business can reply to. This increases the level of customer – business interaction, leaving customers feeling as though the business cares more about their customers.  This also establishes the company’s authority over competitors.  It comes really comes down to the fact that consumers like blogs: 90% of consumers find business blog information useful, and 70% learn about a company through articles rather than ads.

In addition, blogs are great for generating more traffic and awareness for a business.  This is done by keeping both our old customers coming back and creating new traffic from new customers.  It’s very common for a customer to come to a company, purchase a product, and never look back.  Blogs can keep these customers around instead:  An informational blog will give them a reason to return to our blog and think about about company.  Blogs are also great for new traffic, basically by giving us more pages for information.  This is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), increasing our chances of being found via search engine.  In addition, if a business establishes themselves as a trusted source of information, other websites, companies, etc. can link to the blog, generating more traffic and more potential customers.

And not only that – blogs are inexpensive, easy to set up, and you already have a writer: me.  I would love to write for our new company blog.  Thank you for reading my proposal, and I hope you really take it into consideration.

– Megan Murray

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