Off the Blog

I think if I was to take my RUWS blog off the blog it would have to be a weekly post in like a women’s sports magazine.  In sports magazines they sometimes have articles about different teams, and I think it could be cool if they did a Fall special and in every one of their fall magazines in a particular year they got to know a specific team or if they got to know a different team every issue.  I think that a lot of times men’s sports teams are more closely followed, for obvious reasons like their fan base being larger.  However, if a Women’s heath and fitness magazine started featuring female athlete teams it may cause more people to be in support of different women’s sports programs.

So basically, if I were to make my blog into something else it would be a weekly feature in a women’s health magazine.  I guess it could also be turned into like a documentary, but that would be more like a one time documentary not weekly video posts.  Although the team is very entertaining, I don’t think our coach would want us making constant videos instead of focusing at practice.  Overall, the idea of evolving a blog into another platform is a good way to make your blog last longer, and it could help keep your interest up and your readers interest up.

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