No motivation leads to blogging burnout

Blogging is a hard hobby to keep up with and more often than not bloggers will eventually burn out and give up on their blog.  I believe the biggest factor in blog abandonment would be having the motivation and determination to keep up with it.  Many factors can be considered to affect bloggers morale when it comes to blogging.  Blogger morale can come from the amount of people reading the blog that you write.  If you have hundreds to thousands of people reading your blog every single day you would gain confidence and more motivation to keep going.  The fact that hundreds of people read the material you write makes you gain a sense a pride and almost makes you feel obligated to keep writing.  However, on the other hand when no one reads the material you write, it could be very disheartening.  This is the reason I believe most bloggers would abandon their blogs.  If they feel that their blog is in adequate because no one reads their writing then what would be the point of continuing?  This is definitely the biggest influence for a blogger to lose interest.

Knowing that people abandon their blogs due to low morale, there are ways to prevent bloggers from burning out.  I believe there are 2 ways to get a blogger out of this depressing mind set.  The first way is getting a paid host, by actually buying a blogging account you would feel obligated to continue the blog.  Since you bought the blog you would have more determination to make it successful. Secondly, you should always follow your topic.  The more blogs and comments you write on similar topics the more interesting it will become.  By reading other blogs and writing on them will give you more ideas and experience in the topic that your similar topic.

If I had a friend that hosted an amazing blog, but hasn’t blogged in a while I would definitely ask them what happened.  If they aren’t very motivated and determined to write the blog, I wouldn’t bug them about continuing.  If I tried to force them back into it, they would only really be writing because they have to not because they want to.  This will only bring out the worst of a blog because they wouldn’t be care as much to make the blog as good.

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