Gaming and Baking, off the Blog

I have a video gaming / baking blog, and I can see my blog becoming a recipe book.  I think there are already recipe books like this out there, so it’s not something completely new or confusing to consumers.  It would contain all of the instructions and pictures of all the cakes I have made.  I think that when baking, some people really enjoy having a book or paper to read the recipe from rather than off the computer screen directly.  However, because it’s the same information that’s readily available online, I think I would need to have a few “book exclusive recipes” to make the book more appealing to current readers.

As for the video gaming side, I could see the blog turning into a youtube channel that live streams video games with commentary.  This is a rather difficult endeavor, as it takes a very certain type of information, style, and content to get people to enjoy watching you play video games.  But considering many of my posts have ample screenshots already, it could work out as an addition to posts or for posts that talk about a considerably more complicated thing.  There is also a lot to be said for watching someone’s reaction to playing a video game for the first time, as that can be hard to portray with words.  Actual video of the game can also really increase clarity, and if edited correctly, will not drone on be too bulky.  Something other than a live stream could work as well, such as just edited clips put together. (For example, “Skyrim: 35 Suicides in 45 seconds”)

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