From Blogs to Vlogs

I would not convert or evolve my blog into a book or a magazine. My blog is about current new and it has to be updated weekly; there is no way that the book would work with that. I would instead consider changing my blog into vlog. I LOVE vlogs ! If I had to the time and patience to have one I would. I do not. I think my blog would work better as a vlog just because I already incorporate videos in my blogs. It would be better because the viewers would actually be able to see and experience my reaction of the content. Sometimes I write a blog on the best video of the week and it would be much better as a vlog just because the viewers we really get to see my reaction. I love when youtubers react to certain viral vidoes; there is actually a channel on youtube by the FineBros where they take famous youtubers, sit them down and watch their reaction to videos. I have a lot of interesting expressions, so I have been told, and I think that they would be able to expressed through a video better than through text. I just personally like watching videos more than I like reading text.  It is not because I am lazy it is because I enjoy the videos more because of the interaction.  I think that vloging is a little more random than blogging. I think you have to stick to one genre while vlogging you can talk about anything you want: cooking, eating, friends, advice, life, and exercising all in one vlog.

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