Epic Dining Hall Meals

If my blog College Food Eating were to ever adapt off the page it would definitely be a vlog.  Except I would definitely tweak the topic of my vlog to something absolutely ridiculous.  I tend to find more people are interested in funny videos than ordinary cooking videos on youtube.  For example, epic meal time receives millions of views for each video because they make the most ridiculous foods ever.  It may not even be good or healthy to eat, but their vlog is popular because it’s funny and cool to watch.  I don’t ever see a cooking vlog on youtube gain that much support online before.  Therefore, I would change my vlog from college food experiences, to something like epic dining hall meals.  The concept would be making the most ridiculous food combinations at one of the dining halls and vlogging about it.  I feel like those kinds of videos would help me gain more popularity for my vlog.  I could totally see myself being youtube famous from this idea, except it’s just too much work and I don’t have that many swipes…  So it’s a dream that’s too good to be true…


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