I’m not who I say I am

Jeffery Rosen describes the “peculiar anxiety of being falsely implicated in someone else’s Internet exhibitionism” in the article “Your Blog or Mine?”.  I believe that people should always be aware that someone they meet might write about them.  The material might be good or bad depending on the impression and actions you make during that interaction.  I do agree with Rosen to an extent that people do feel anxiety of being falsely implicated over the internet.  The internet isn’t a safe place; cyber bullying is something that can’t be stopped.  Cyber bullying may even exist on blogs depending on the topic and person.  Especially now that blogging has become extremely more popular, you would never know who has a blog.  However, not everything someone writes will be negative.  A small amount of anxiety might always be deep inside someone’s mind, because they know it’s always a possibility.

Rosen argues that “all citizens, no matter how obscure, will have to adjust their behavior to the possibility that someone may be writing about them.”  Even though this may be true in a sense, I believe that people even before the age blogging change their behaviors.  For instances when someone is trying to make a good impression they would act differently than how they would normally act.  Especially at interviews they would always be polite as possible to make the best first impression on the employers.  People will always try to avoid embarrassing themselves especially over the internet, it’s a natural instinct.  So when a person knows they are being recorded or taking a picture they would be composed to avoid embarrassment.


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