Take Initiative!

As I’ve said before, I thinking boredom/lack of initiative plays a role in why blogs die, but also the fear of fame and negative comments may also drive a person to give up on their blog. This is a crucial combination, first of all you want to make sure that your blog has readers and your message is getting across, but at the same time some might want to keep the blog more private and dislike those who leave critical comments of their blogging (i.e. politics/news). With the tips to save your blog, I think all are important in keeping you interested and motivated, but I think that they do not address the issue of having critical readers. Every blog seems to have a critical reader, and thus the blogger should be able to deflect criticism or respond to it accordingly, but not give up over negative comments. Personally, what I could do would be to continue the blog at my pace and in the way I want it. If I knew someone who had a good blog but hadn’t updated it in a while I would suggest adding guest posts or adding more diverse views/topics to the blog or just doing what they did before. Encouragement always helps someone get started or back up and running, and I think the same applies to blogs.


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